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Showing 1 - 24 of 53 products
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Lifebuoy Shampoo Herbal 175ml
Sale priceRs.184.00 Regular priceRs.215.00
Lifebuoy Shampoo Herbal 175mlLifebuoy Reviews
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Lifebuoy Total Soap 130gm
Sale priceRs.57.00 Regular priceRs.62.00
Lifebuoy Total Soap 130gmLifebuoy Reviews
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Lifebuoy Herbal Shampoo 650ml
Sale priceRs.535.00 Regular priceRs.580.00
Lifebuoy Herbal Shampoo 650mlLifebuoy Reviews
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Lifebuoy Soap Care & Protect 135gm - Pack of 4
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Lifebuoy Soap Care & Protect 135gm - Pack of 4Lifebuoy Reviews
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Lifebouy Soap Care 145gm - Pack of 3
Sale priceRs.159.00 Regular priceRs.175.00
Lifebouy Soap Care 145gm - Pack of 3Lifebuoy Reviews
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Lifebuoy Soap Care 146Gm
Sale priceRs.58.00 Regular priceRs.62.00
Lifebuoy Soap Care 146GmLifebuoy Reviews
Lifebuoy Soft & Silky Shampoo 375 ml
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Lifebuoy Care & protect Soap 68 Gm
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Lifebuoy Care & protect Soap 68 GmLifebuoy Reviews
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Lifebuoy Total Hand Wash Pump 220ml
Sale priceRs.153.00 Regular priceRs.180.00
Lifebuoy Total Hand Wash Pump 220mlLifebuoy Reviews
Lifebuoy Soap Total 10 150 gm
Lifebuoy Shampoo Strong & Thick 375Ml Pk
Lifebuoy Naturally Long Shampoo 650ml
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Lifebuoy Shampoo Naturally Long 90Ml
Sale priceRs.98.00 Regular priceRs.110.00
Lifebuoy Shampoo Naturally Long 90MlLifebuoy Reviews
Lifebuoy Hand Wash Active Fresh 140 ml
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Lifebuoy Mild Care Hand Wash Pump 220ml
Sale priceRs.149.00 Regular priceRs.180.00
Lifebuoy Mild Care Hand Wash Pump 220mlLifebuoy Reviews
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Lifebuoy Mild Care Hand Wash Refill Pouch 1 Litre
Sale priceRs.520.00 Regular priceRs.630.00
Lifebuoy Mild Care Hand Wash Refill Pouch 1 LitreLifebuoy Reviews
Lifebuoy Strong & Shiny Shampoo 680ml
Lifebouy Strong & Shiny 340 ml
Lifebouy Hair Fall Treatment 170 ml
Lifebuoy Anti Hair Fall Shampoo 680ml
Lifebuoy Anti Dandruff Shampoo 680ml
Lifebuoy Anti Dandruff Shampoo 340ml
Lifebouy Hair Fall Treatment 680 ml
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Life Bouy Hand Sanitizer 200 ML
Sale priceRs.340.00 Regular priceRs.400.00
Life Bouy Hand Sanitizer 200 MLLifebuoy Reviews


Lifebuoy in Pakistan is one of the leading brand soap that offers maximum protection against bacteria and germs. The company is taking care of personal hygiene products since its introduction in 1894. Since its arrival, it has been taking care of you and your family with its special formula by terminating germs and bacteria by 99.99%.

Most of us look for good after wash fragrance in soaping bars, without knowing that a good fragrance might also include infused drops which might be a source to attract cause germs and bacteria on your hands. So, it’s not the only fragrance that matters. You need a soap that terminates the germs and bacteria 100% and keeps your hands cleaner for a longer time.

Essentials lifebuoy products

Lifebuoy Soap

Lifebuoy brings a broad circle that ticks all of your health and personal hygiene needs. Starting with the Lifebuoy soap active silver soap bar that takes good care of your skin with the goodness of milk cream, mildness, and the advanced formula that leaves the skin soft and smooth and keeps it safe from germs. It also keeps your hands cleaner and fresher for a longer time.

Lifebuoy Neem bar leaves a refreshing neem fragrance on your hands and meets all the requirements of safety and hygiene which makes Lifebuoy your perfect summer partner to beat the heat. Soaps from lifebuoy hand soap ensure that you stay up to date on health and hygiene matters as prevention is better than cure.

The sweat causes germs, bacteria, bad-smelling odor, and skin irritation this is where Lifebuoy lemon-fresh makes a great difference with its cleaning capabilities. The lemon flavor cuts off the germs and bacteria by 99.99%. The refreshing burst lemons not only produce a line of defense against bacteria but also leaves a fresh fragrance in your hands. Lifebuoy care provides you special care from both germs and protection.

Now, you don’t need to waste your whole minute cleaning your hands with slow soaps when you can opt for care soap. It’s a soap full of the goodness of milk and leaves your skin with a soft and smooth feel with 100% protection from germs. Get the best lifebuoy soap price in Pakistan at QnE.

Lifebuoy Handwash

Lifebuoy handwash that focuses on cleaning the hands in a more convenient way to get both protection, with care and scent that refreshes your mood. The rich foamy layers it produces thoroughly terminates and germs and bacteria’s with the power of zesty of lemons. Lifebuoy hand washes include 6 different flavors i.e. a total of 10 germs protection hand washes, mild care, cold fresh, color-changing, kitchen fresh, and nature handwash in green, red, and blue colors. 

Order from us for reasonable Lifebuoy handwash prices in Pakistan.

Lifebuoy sanitizers

Looking for easy-to-carry hygienic hand sanitizer? Lifebuoy hand sanitizer is the answer. When you are out of home, make sure that you carry a trustable antibacterial agent that gives you 100% protection from germs and bacteria, and different kinds of viruses. Lifebuoy antibacterial sanitizers come with around 60% alcohol content that makes sure safety from germs. The glycerin as an important ingredient makes sure that your hands remain moisturized for a longer time. So keep yourself 100% safe and secure 24/7. Get Lifebuoy sanitizers at the best prices in Pakistan.

Lifebuoy shampoo

Keep your hair well-nourished with the advanced strengthening techniques of Lifebuoy shampoo. The shampoo contains milk protein, natural ingredients, and goodness of milk. There are different variants of lifebuoy shampoo that include Lifebuoy naturally long shampoo, lifebuoy herbal shampoo, soft & silky shampoo, long & strong herbal shampoo, and lifebuoy naturally long shampoo. We guarantee you that you are getting the best affordable lifebuoy shampoo price in Pakistan with QnE.

Stay clean, sanitized, and safe even when you are on the go all day long. So, don’t wait and get the best prices at QnE with free and fast delivery all over Pakistan.

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