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Showing 1 - 24 of 104 products
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Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Toothpaste 150g With Free Zig Zag ToothBrush
Save Rs.75.00
Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Repair  Prevent Tooth 100gm
Save Rs.10.00
Protex Bar Soap Balance 3 in 1 Saver Pack 95gm
Sale priceRs.149.00 Regular priceRs.159.00
Protex Bar Soap Balance 3 in 1 Saver Pack 95gmprotex Reviews
Save Rs.10.00
Protex Bar Soap Aloe 135gm
Sale priceRs.55.00 Regular priceRs.65.00
Protex Bar Soap Aloe 135gmProtex Reviews
Protex Bar Soap Balance 95gm
Save Rs.10.00
Protex Bar Soap Aloe 95gm
Sale priceRs.45.00 Regular priceRs.55.00
Protex Bar Soap Aloe 95gmProtex Reviews
Save Rs.85.00
Palmolive Silky Straight Shampoo 375ml
Sale priceRs.280.00 Regular priceRs.365.00
Palmolive Silky Straight Shampoo 375mlPalmolive Reviews
Save Rs.39.00
Palmolive Healthy & Smooth Shampoo  180ml
Sale priceRs.160.00 Regular priceRs.199.00
Palmolive Healthy & Smooth Shampoo 180mlPalmolive Reviews
Save Rs.14.00
Anne French Hair Removing Cream 25g
Sale priceRs.56.00 Regular priceRs.70.00
Anne French Hair Removing Cream 25gAnne French Reviews
Palmolive Healthy & Smooth Shampoo 700ml
Lemon Max Dish Wash Liquid Pouch 450Ml
Save Rs.19.00
Anne French Hair Removing Cream 56g
Sale priceRs.81.00 Regular priceRs.100.00
Anne French Hair Removing Cream 56gAnne French Reviews
Lemon Max Dishwash Bar  185 gm
Save Rs.58.00
Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Toothpaste 300g (Brush Pack)
Palmolive Naturals Radiant Glow Soap 105g
Save Rs.67.00
Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Original Toothpaste 100g
Lemon Max Dish Wash Powder Poly Bag 790gm
Save Rs.15.00
Lemon Max Ultra Dishwash Liquid Green 250 ml
Sale priceRs.165.00 Regular priceRs.180.00
Lemon Max Ultra Dishwash Liquid Green 250 mlLemon Max Reviews
Save Rs.3.00
Max Lemon Dishwash Paste Yellow Jar 400gm
Sale priceRs.142.00 Regular priceRs.145.00
Max Lemon Dishwash Paste Yellow Jar 400gmLemon Max Reviews
Save Rs.3.00
Colgate Tooth Paste HERB 100GM
Sale priceRs.127.00 Regular priceRs.130.00
Colgate Tooth Paste HERB 100GMColgate Reviews
Save Rs.1.00
Lemon Max Dishwash Bar  335 gm
Sale priceRs.44.00 Regular priceRs.45.00
Lemon Max Dishwash Bar 335 gmLemon Max Reviews

Colgate lets you smile the brightest.

Colgate aims to make it easy for you and choose to care about smiles of every age and oral conditions of the mouth.

Is it essential to choose the right Colgate toothpaste?

Well, the very first thing with which our day starts is brushing. Brushing teeth is one of the most essential elements in your daily routine and we all know that scrubbing the toothpaste through a toothbrush to remove plaque is a vital factor to keep the mouth healthy that’s why you need the right toothpaste.

Colgate products come into our mind when we are talking about mouth health. Toothpaste majorly contains fluoride which does a great job of removing sticky plague, yellowness and prevent the harmful film of bacteria that grow on teeth and causes different mouth problems such as cavities, tooth loss, bad smell, and gum disease- if not prevented.

Colgate Herbal Toothpaste

Colgate herbal toothpaste is a combination of nature’s best herbs and the science of Colgate which results in the best oral care benefits and helps you in preventing cavities for a longer time and having stronger teeth. For those who are struggling with smoking habits and willing to get their precious smile back, Colgate total plus teeth whitening is the best and clinically proven way to fight cavities, plague, and prevent bad breath. Colgate max fresh with cooling crystal let you experience a new dimension’s freshness with its cooling crystals and helps you in starting your day with positive energy.

Palmolive Shampoo and Soap

If you are Looking for a shampoo or soap that contains natural resources, then you are at the right place, Palmolive exactly matches your requirement. Find out what it offers

Does shampoo from Palmolive have it all to make your hair look good.?

Palmolive shampoo stands among the line of the best natural shampoo for a reason. And the reason is that it’s purely made from fresh original extracts that make your hair smell good and keep your hair fresh for a longer time. It cleans your hair to the scalp and provides a smoother and conditioner provides a silky touch to your hair.

Palmolive Products

Palmolive natural- intensive moisture shampoo is full of earthy and beneficial blends and is specialized in moisturizing formula coupled with milk proteins and coca cream that instantly adds fragrance to your hair and lets you enjoy smoothness all day. For smoother and healthy hair, the 100% original aloe Vera and vitamins extract in Palmolive healthy & smooth shampoo makes your hair easily manageable. To get the radiant shine running through your hair, grab Palmolive's brilliant shine shampoo that is specialized with 100% pure camellia oil extracts and nature’s essence. To leave dandruff behind, grab Palmolive Anti-dandruff shampoo.

You can also discover the moisturizing feel in Palmolive soap with 100% rose petals and milk extracts. If you want whiter softer and glowing skin within just 1 week then Palmolive naturals- papaya soap + white. Or you can also indulge yourself in sensational cleaning and Palmolive naturals flawless cleaning, you the get the best shower experience. For glowing skin, you can opt Palmolive Naturals moisturizing glow soap, Palmolive refreshing glow soap. For radiant shine, Palmolive radiant glow soap is what you need.

Palmolive Hand Wash

The company is not only limited to shampoo, conditioners & soap but for your skincare, it also manufactures hand wash. Palmolive antibacterial hand wash contains the goodness of moisturizing feel formula and antibacterial handwash formulation to kill 100% germs on hand.

At QnE, you are getting the best Palmolive soap and shampoo price in Pakistan, with free and fast delivery in Pakistan.

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