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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
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Lipton Yellow Label Black Tea 475 gm
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Lipton Yellow Label Black Tea 475 gmLipton Reviews
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Lipton Tea Pouch 950 gm
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Lipton Tea Pouch 950 gmLipton Reviews
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Lipton Green Tea Bags - Lemon 25 Sachets
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Lipton Green Tea Bags - Lemon 25 SachetsLipton Reviews
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Lipton Yellow Label Tea Bag 50S 100Gm
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Lipton Yellow Label Tea Bag 50S 100GmLipton Reviews
Lipton Yellow Label Tea Bag 200Gm 100S

Lipton Tea

Lipton’s story begins 120 years ago with the aim of Thomas Lipton. Back then, tea was considered a royal and luxury, but he decided to challenge the circumstances and believes that tea is something that everyone should be able to enjoy at its best. And today, in Pakistan 100 of billion drinks of tea are consumed per year just because of Lipton. From the experiences of ages, Lipton now offers a broad array of tea, tea bags, iced tea soft drinks, healthy green tea, and zero-calorie infusions.

Lipton Products

Lipton knows very well how to build up a healthy environment and to make this happen the Lipton uses the natural and fresh flavours and light and mild aroma that will make you jump out of bed with refreshing vibes.

Lipton tea Pakistan has been revitalizing taste in all of the tea variants that are listed below.

Lipton Yellow Label Black Tea

Make your mornings with Lipton chai. The black label tea is a master blend that is crafted perfectly and includes highly selective and fresh tea leaves that carry the much natural tea taste. Top, sun-ripened leaves are used in its manufacturing that offers rich and aromatic flavour from the first sip to the last sip. Don’t drink a normal as the usual tea, instead enjoy the new and improved superior taste of fresh-brewed Lipton tea. So, take a refreshing sip and brighten up your day.

Lipton yellow label black tea bags

The factory of Lipton is natural, the harness of rain, sunshine, and wind results in the production of Lipton yellow-label black tea bags. The freshly picked leaves, aromatic and rich flavour gives up a unique taste with the option to make your tea either normal, strong, or too strong. If you want it strong then let the tea bags stay in it for a while and if you want a stronger taste then dip the tea bags for a while longer and then taste the uplifting goodness with natural sunshine and fresh taste in a cup.

Lipton green tea bag lemon

For those who love to have a great-tasting cup of tea coupled with the refreshing aroma, Lipton green tea bag lemon is the best drink for them. Lipton picks up the tea leaves at the peak of flavour and then blends the herby tea with a zesty flavour of lemon, which will make up a perfect cup for you. The Lipton green tea bag lemon flavour detoxifies the body and boosts the digestive system. This lemon green tea offers you a delightfully light, non-bitter, and fresh taste at every single sip you take. 

Green teas also help you in enhancing your skin along with boosting your immunity

Even if you are stuck at the office with a heavy workload, give yourself a little break and taste the exoticness of Lipton that’ll boost your whole body and will prepare you to handle the workloads easily.

So what are you waiting for? Give yourself a treat at the best Lipton tea price in Pakistan at QnE.

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