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Showing 1 - 24 of 36 products
Save Rs.16.00
Knorr Tomato Ketchup 800gm
Sale priceRs.380.00 Regular priceRs.396.00
Knorr Tomato Ketchup 800gmKnorr
Save Rs.7.00
Knorr Chicken Cube  18gm
Sale priceRs.63.00 Regular priceRs.70.00
Knorr Chicken Cube 18gmKnorr
Save Rs.20.00
Knorr Chatt Patta Noodles Family Pack 244gm
Sale priceRs.250.00 Regular priceRs.270.00
Knorr Chatt Patta Noodles Family Pack 244gmKnorr
Knorr Spicy Tikka Noodles 61gm
Save Rs.6.00
Knorr Noodles Chatt Patta 61gm
Sale priceRs.69.00 Regular priceRs.75.00
Knorr Noodles Chatt Patta 61gmKnorr
Save Rs.27.00
Knorr Noodles Chicken Family Pack 244gm
Sale priceRs.243.00 Regular priceRs.270.00
Knorr Noodles Chicken Family Pack 244gmKnorr
Save Rs.8.00
Knorr Noodle Chicken  66 gm
Sale priceRs.67.00 Regular priceRs.75.00
Knorr Noodle Chicken 66 gmKnorr
Save Rs.5.00
Knorr Hot&sour Soup 55gm
Sale priceRs.145.00 Regular priceRs.150.00
Knorr Hot&sour Soup 55gmKnorr
Save Rs.5.00
Knorr Chicken Corn Soup 46 gm
Sale priceRs.145.00 Regular priceRs.150.00
Knorr Chicken Corn Soup 46 gmKnorr
Knorr Green Chutney 400GM
Sale priceRs.255.00
Knorr Green Chutney 400GMKnorr
Save Rs.3.00
Knorr Noodles Chicken 31.5 gm Pack
Sale priceRs.27.00 Regular priceRs.30.00
Knorr Noodles Chicken 31.5 gm PackKnorr
Save Rs.12.00
Knorr Tomato Ketchup 400gm
Sale priceRs.210.00 Regular priceRs.222.00
Knorr Tomato Ketchup 400gmKnorr
Save Rs.13.00
Knorr Chilli Garlic Sauce 400gm
Sale priceRs.162.00 Regular priceRs.175.00
Knorr Chilli Garlic Sauce 400gmKnorr
Save Rs.2.00
Knorr Noodles ChattPatta 31.5gm
Sale priceRs.23.00 Regular priceRs.25.00
Knorr Noodles ChattPatta 31.5gmKnorr
Save Rs.16.00
Knorr Noodles Blazin 132gm
Sale priceRs.174.00 Regular priceRs.190.00
Knorr Noodles Blazin 132gmKnorr
Knorr Chilli Garlic Sauce 800g
Save Rs.20.00
Knorr Pulao Cube  18gm
Sale priceRs.25.00 Regular priceRs.45.00
Knorr Pulao Cube 18gmKnorr
Save Rs.5.00
Knorr Hot & Sour Soup 50 gm
Sale priceRs.95.00 Regular priceRs.100.00
Knorr Hot & Sour Soup 50 gmKnorr
Save Rs.60.00
Buy 5 Knorr Chicken Cube 18gm & Get 1 Free
Sale priceRs.300.00 Regular priceRs.360.00
Buy 5 Knorr Chicken Cube 18gm & Get 1 FreeKnorr
Save Rs.30.00
Knorr Cream of Chicken Soup 50 gm
Sale priceRs.105.00 Regular priceRs.135.00
Knorr Cream of Chicken Soup 50 gmKnorr
Save Rs.130.00
Knorr Pulao Cube 18gm (5+1) Offer
Sale priceRs.140.00 Regular priceRs.270.00
Knorr Pulao Cube 18gm (5+1) OfferKnorr
Save Rs.240.00
Save Rs. 210 on Pack of 24 of Knorr Chatpatta  Noodles 61 Gm
Sale priceRs.1,560.00 Regular priceRs.1,800.00
Save Rs. 210 on Pack of 24 of Knorr Chatpatta Noodles 61 Gmknorr
Knorr Tomato Ketchup 800 gm
Sale priceRs.229.00
Knorr Tomato Ketchup 800 gmKnorr
Knorr Noodles Chatt Patta 61gm


Since its launching in 1993, the Knorr is the number 1 choice of kids and teenagers over the years. Its exciting flavors and mouth-watering recipes keep increasing day by day which includes a broad range of noodles, soups, bouillons, stock cubes, sauces, ketchup, and seasonings. Knorr Pakistan has become a fun brand for children.

Knorr Noodles

Knorr instant noodles are a favorite food of every child, the new and exciting flavors are produced to fulfill the local taste requirements as we like it. These noodles are a great source of grains and other healthy nutrients for kids to have in a fun way by Knorr.

Knorr noodles flavors

The goodness of noodles along with the soup is one the best meal to have and that's what Knorr chatpata noodles have to offer. What makes Knorr noodles Chapata the most loving flavor is its exceptional spicy taste coupled with a separate sachet that is the real tastemaker of the meal. The Chatpata flavor is a dry blend of red chili powder, salt, soy sauce, chopped vegetables, carrot, and more.

Another flavor that is also loved by kids and teenagers is the Knorr chicken noodles that give you buds flavor explosion of chicken and vegetables that tastes somewhat sweetish and when cooked properly with a soup, it becomes a wholesome diet recipe to give your children healthy meal. The chicken sachet makes sure that you get the real chicken flavor.

Say hello to a Knorr Cheese noodles recipe that offers a blast of sweet cheese and contains essential ingredients. No matter if it's mid-day or midnight, your little craving can arrive anywhere, anytime. In this case, the best meal that is easy to prepare is Knorr Maggi and a quick source of a healthy diet.

How to make noodles

Here is the step to make Knorr Noodles:

  • First of Boil the water in a bowl.
  • Once you see the bubbles popping out add the seasoning packet into the bowl.
  • After some time the noodles will soften, which indicates that it's a sign of adding a flavor sachet to the bowl.
  • Then, add an egg, by raw cracking it in the bowl. Now make sure that the heat supply is slow.
  • When you see the boiling and stuffed got mixed it's time to serve them.

Knorr Soup

The Knorr soup will never fail to surprise you with the best quality ingredients along with the mixed spices and present you with delicious soups. The Knorr Pulao Soup stock is a mix of high-quality herbs with natural flavors.

The Knorr chicken soup ensures that you are getting the restaurant-like taste that you like without compromising your health. The high-quality ingredients mix makes sure that you and your family enjoy the flavors to the fullest. Buy from us and get the best Knorr soup prices in Pakistan.

Knorr Cubes

How can we forget Knorr cubes, the Knorr chicken cubes are the best way to give a touch of slow-cooked chicken instantly in your recipes. It includes a special mix of turmeric, garlic, onion, a blend of spices, and white pepper.

Knorr Ketchup

Taste the real freshness of the juiciest tomatoes, and make your meals more sweet and exciting to eat with Knorr original ketchup. Fond of chili? Try not to lose your grip on Knorr chili garlic sauce.

These mentioned variants are the most loving flavors by kids and teenagers all over Pakistan but as we care for you, we are ready to go an extra mile for you.

With offering the best Knorr noodles price in Pakistan we also offer you the ease to have different flavors too. Just get in touch with our customer support and let them know which flavor are you craving for and we will deliver your favorite Knorr products right at your doorstep.

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