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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
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Vital Tea  950 Gms
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Vital Tea 950 GmsVital Tea
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Vital Green Tea Jasmin Jar (100gm)
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Vital Green Tea Jasmin Jar (100gm)Vital Tea
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Vital Green Tea Bags Lemon 30 pcs Box
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Vital Green Tea Bags Lemon 30 pcs BoxVital Tea
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Vital Tea Jar 425 gm
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Vital Tea Jar 425 gmVital Tea
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Vital Green Tea Bags Plain Natural 30 pcs Box
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Vital Green Tea Bags Plain Natural 30 pcs BoxVital Tea
Vital Tea 1900 Gms
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Vital Tea 1900 GmsVital Tea
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Vital Green Tea Lemon Jar (100gm)
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Vital Green Tea Lemon Jar (100gm)Vital Tea
Vital Tea Pouch 350 gm
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Vital Tea Pouch 350 gmVital Tea

Vital Tea

The vital tea group has been very humble from the beginning of a small tea company that starts in 1999. The value-oriented approach Vital tea adopted has been excellently taken by the consumer. Within a brief period, they have become one of Pakistan's largest tea producer companies. It's not only limited to Pakistan, but they have also been exporting tea to other lands.

Vital chai products

Vital classical tea collection

The classical tea collection from vital comes with a natural flavor involving a non-dried flavor, e.g., fresh jasmine flowers and dry tea leaves. The fresh aroma of a flower has been added to the tea several times. It is specially designed to infuse the tea as soon as the water is entered into it. It's the best-tasting tea that is consumed regularly. The tea collection includes three primary flavors that are listed below

Earl Grey Tea

Unique flavor and aroma

Tasty and famous flavored tea.

English breakfast tea

  • The premium quality leaves are sourced from the fresh and greenish tea garden.
  • Not only strong in color but also English breakfast tea are rich in flavor
Ginger Tea
  • It's a fresh ginger tea. Ginger tea is the best for those looking for health benefits while consuming tea, promoting health and healthy digestion.

Masala Tea Vita

  • Comes with a real ethnic taste
  • It's strong in flavor

Vital Tea Black Premium DANE

The premium Dane collection comes in a zipper pouch that ensures freshness. These premium DANE enhances the unique taste that makes every cup of tea joy-able. The unique mix produces an exceptional taste every time with the same freshness, aroma, and taste;The collection includes:

Zipper Black Tea premium Dane 900g

Zipper Black Tea premium Dane 475g

Zipper Black Tea premium Dane 200g

Vital Tea Round Teabags

A fast, economical way to make tea with the infused tea DANE to deliver a premium taste so that all tea lovers enjoy it to the fullest. You can keep them in your office or house and can instantly prepare tea at any hour of the day. Here is the full range of Vital Round Tea Bags

300 Round tea bags

216 Round tea bags

80 Round tea bags

Vital Green tea

If you are looking for a healthy tea that is delightful to drink, then Vital green tea is the healthiest and refreshing tea you can have without milk. It includes a detoxing agent that cleanses your body and mind and provides you with active lifestyles. Here are some mouth-watering flavors of green tea.

Jasmine Green Tea Bag

It comes with a fresh aroma of the natural and soft jasmine flower that enriches the flavor and instantly gives you a refreshing mood.

Plain Green tea bag

The pure flavor of green tea and its benefits of antioxidants provide you with a healthy lifestyle and long-lasting taste. Once it is added with different flavors, it enhances the tea flavors in different ways.

Lemon Green Teabag

The finest green tea, along with the original lemon taste and flavor that every tea lover loves to enjoy. This green tea also makes sure that you are the proper nutrients to keep you healthy and safe.

Jasmine Green Tea Jar

The natural flavor of the Jasmine flower, along with the fresh aroma that enriches the taste in every single sip you take.

ย Vital Dawn Mixture

The Dawn mixture is one of the most economical and powerful tea mixes for those who need a relax their mind after hard work. The Dawn mixture provides you with an active lifestyle. The Virtual Dawn mixture includes

Dawn mixture 950gm
Dawn mixture 475gm
Dawn mixture 190gm

So, no need to wait any further, as we offer the best inexpensive <strong>vital tea price all over Pakistan </strong>and free and fast delivery via express delivery.

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