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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
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Tang Orange Pouch 375 Gm
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Tang Orange Pouch 375 GmTang
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Tang Mango 375 gm
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Tang Mango 375 gmTang
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Tang Pineapple 375 gm
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Tang Pineapple 375 gmTang
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Tang Lemon & Pepper Pouch 375 Gm
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Tang Lemon & Pepper Pouch 375 GmTang

Tang Juice Powder

Tang- A blast of freshly squeezed tasty surprise is a leading powder brand with a famous name and demand in the market because of its mouth-watering and refreshing flavor and taste. Tang fruit juice has a vast supply network with users in more than 30 countries, including Pakistan; Tang becomes one of Pakistan's best drinks.

The refreshing taste of fruitful tang flavors and the active ingredients of tang boosts the energy. It refreshes children's mood by encouraging them to think creatively and remain strong and vibrant for a longer time.

Tang Pakistan is a symbol of trust for mother all around the globe, the tang is not only refreshing drink for their child, but the tang is also helpful when it comes to trying and making new and creative dishes for you and family.

Tang flavors

Tang offers a broad range of flavors that are readily available in our store. The list of exciting flavors includes

  • Tang Orange

The sweet and sour blast of refreshing orange keeps everyone refreshed no matter how busy your day was; the great fruity taste of tang will activate you and provide you with the goodness of vitamins A, B, and C Iron. Quench the thirst of you and your child with tang child. Moreover, it also offers your child 60% of Vitamin C that will keep your child boosted all day long.

  • Tang Lemon Pepper

Another excellent tasting beverage flavor that is full of fruit flavor and offers high energy. This flavor provides you a tangy and citrus taste of lemon and pepper that refreshes your mood with its bursty flavor. It carries the natural lime flavor in every single sip you take and leaves your mouth with a great after-taste.

  • Tango Mango

Everyone loves mango, and to strengthen your bond with mango, tang offers a mango flavor from the pure extract of fresh mangoes from the farm. Now, you don't need to indulge in peeling off and cutting a mango because, with tang mango, you quickly get to experience the refreshing mango tang. So, beat the summers by bringing instant drinks in your life.

  • Tang Pineapple

Get your thirsts satisfied with this Tang Pineapple and complete the goals of hydration. It's more fun to drink water with a tang to assure that your child is getting the right drink with all the essentials vitamins, iron, and nutrients.

So, get this instant drink delivered right at your doorstep at the best affordable tang price in Pakistan from QnE.


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