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Showing 1 - 24 of 39 products
Save Rs.3.00
Nuberol Forte Tablets 5s
Sale priceRs.29.00 Regular priceRs.32.00
Nuberol Forte Tablets 5sSearle Pharma Reviews
Extor 5Mg+80Mg Tablet
Save Rs.15.83
Vitrum Tablet 30s
Sale priceRs.206.00 Regular priceRs.221.83
Vitrum Tablet 30sSearle Pharma Reviews
Rotec 75Mg+200Mcg Tablet
Ostegem Tablets 10s
M-Folate 600Mcg Tablet
Tramal 50mg Capsules
Rotec 50Mg+200Mcg Tablet
Ezium 20Mg Capsule
Save Rs.14.00
Extor 5Mg+160Mg Tablet
Sale priceRs.366.00 Regular priceRs.380.00
Extor 5Mg+160Mg TabletSearle Pharma Reviews
Ecotec Capsule
Adronil 150Mg Tablet
Simbex 10mg+20mg  Tablet
Morcet 10mg Tablet
Simbex 10mg+10mg Tablet
Tramal Plus Tablets 37.5/325mg
Tramal Injection 100mg 1Ampx1ml
Sustac 6.4mg Tablets
Sustac 2.6mg Tablets
Spiromide Tablets 40mg 10s
Spiromide Tablets 20mg 10s
Serenace 5Mg Tablet
Nuberol Tablets 10s
Nezolid 600mg Tablets

Searle Pharma

Buy Searle Pharma medicines Products here at QnE with ease and quick from our online pharmacy . It is the largest Pharmaceutical manufacturer company in Pakistan. This company was incorporated in Pakistan as PVT Co in October 1965.

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