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Peek Freans Farm House Coconut Crunch Biscuit Family Pack

Peek Freans

Peek Freans is also known as English biscuit manufacturers (EBM) is biscuit manufacturers is a former Pakistani biscuit producing company that is famous for best quality biscuits. For the past 50-year peek Freans biscuit, Pakistan continues to spread happiness across Pakistan. This long legacy of making biscuits has produces a popular range of fresh cookies and help the company to be recognized as one of the best-selling biscuit brands.

Peek Freans products

We can't deny that Peek Freans has become the market-leading brand name in Pakistan with five decades of sustaining quality. Still, EBM maintains the quality and innovation in its biscuits variants. Here is some popular snack from company:


Peek Freans sooper

Sooper biscuits are an ideal mix of the best milk and egg packs a punch of natural taste. In addition, these biscuits contain two primary sources: calcium and protein, which makes them even more nutritious. Peek Freans super is one of the best biscuits to combine with your tea to remove your little cravings.

Peek Freans Glucose

A favorite snack midday snack for your child that contains the goodness of butter, milk, and wheat flour to give your children a boost of energy.

Chocolate sandwich and lemon sandwich

Peek Freans chocolate sandwich, and lemon sandwich is filled with decadent cream in between the crispy, always classic taste.


One of the favorite biscuits from peeking Freans Pakistan is RIO that offers a smooth touch of cream filling in different flavors such as Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

More treats & delights from peeking Freans

Peek Freans also offers mouth-wateringย biscuits, Cakes & Cookiesย like jam delight, butter puff, click, peanut Pik, saltish, Marie, chocolicious, Nan khatai, and more.


Peek Freans smile chocolate donut cake

Peek Freans enters a new world of Chocolate with icing coated chocolate over the donut along with cream-filled inside. It's a whole, nourishing ring of delight.

Peek Freans smile strawberry donut cake

For those craving the sweet taste of strawberry, the peek Freans smile strawberry donut cake fulfills their demands with exceptional taste.

Cake up

Enjoy the center-filled cakes with skimmed milk that helps in boosting nutrition. The strawberry Cup-cake flavor gives you a punch of sweet and juicy strawberry. For chocolate lovers, the chocolate cupcake is a perfect cake to lighten up their mood as it contains triple layers of Chocolate that are just amazing.


Chocolate chips cookies

With peek, Freans chocolate chip cookies dive right into the richness of yummy vanilla and delicious chocolicious Chocolate, along with chunks of chocolate chips sprinkled over them.

Peek Freans farmhouse chocolate chip cookies

How can we forget the best pick from peek Freans farmhouse chocolate chip cookies when we talk about cookies? These cookies are filled with mouth-watering chunks of chocolate and chocolate chips sprinkled over them.

Peek Freans farmhouse shortbread biscuit

Peek Freans shortbread biscuits offer a unique taste of 100% pure and rich butter. This perfectly baked cookie is a delicious snack for butter lovers.

You can now order Peek Freans biscuits from QnE at affordable prices and satisfy your sweet and savory cravings anytime.


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