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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products
Nestle Milk Pak Cream 200 ml
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Nestle MilkPak 250ml - 27Pcs Carton
Sale priceRs.1,620.00 Regular priceRs.1,630.00
Nestle MilkPak 250ml - 27Pcs CartonNESTLE MilkPak
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Nestle MilkPak 1000ml Carton
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Nestle MilkPak 1000ml CartonNESTLE MilkPak
NESTLE MILKPAK Milk 1000 ml (V)
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Nestle Milk Pak Yogurt Pouch 500gm
Sale priceRs.129.00 Regular priceRs.130.00
Nestle Milk Pak Yogurt Pouch 500gmNESTLE MilkPak

Nestle Milk Pak

Nestle Milk Pak A must-have product that is used in everything from simple tea to desserts or cakes and milk Shake, makes it an essential ingredient to have. It also plays an important part in the developing stages of your child. Milkpak is continuously bringing smiles to consumers' faces by its elite taste, signature smooth creamy, and rich in nutrient milk. As a parent, you would be looking for a high-quality milk product for your child, and quality is what matters the most to nestle milk Pack, so we guess it's a perfect match. Milk is the most beneficiary nature's gift to us and Nestle is refining it through its quality standards with the expertise of 3 and half decades in Pakistan. The perfected manufacturing and refining process of Milkpack enables you to have a richly smooth, milky, and creamy drink exactly the way nature wants it to be.

Milkpak liquid milk satisfies all the moms and consumers with its healthy taste so that we all grow in a healthy and safe environment. The Nestle Milkpak promises to provide us with wholesome nourishment that contains the goodness of Minerals, calcium, proteins, Vitamins C, and Vitamins D that keeps your bones healthy and strong. Not only does it keep our bones strong, but also it contains Vitamins A which play a vital role in the better development of your skin health and good vision too. Vitamin A & D combined helps in better and healthy growth of your teeth and helps in maintaining body immunity.

Whether it's your craving for creamy milk or tea or your baby craving for a glass of milkย or you are thinking to surprise your family with a desert, Nestle Milkpak is the best option you have with a touch of dairy goodness.


Nestle Milk Pak Whipping Cream

One of the best ways to chill and have fun is with Nestle Milkpak dairy cream. Nestle Milkpack whipping cream is every women's first choice when it comes to whipping the cream over cakes, pastries, or desserts, etc. The nestle cream comes infused and capsulated with a strong and beatifical combination of different rich dairy products

The Milkpak cream believes in surprising their consumer with the delicious taste by adding culinary magic to their creams and whipping creams. Milkpak creams provide a perfect match for your deserts.

So, what are you waiting for? We are offering you the best affordable Nestle Milkpak price in Pakistan and delivering it to your doorstep straight out of QnE with free and fast delivery via express in just a couple of hours.

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