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Lux Soap and Body Wash

Lux from their start has been focusing on inspiring women and encouraging them to reconnect with their femininity. Lux has been manufacturing skin cleaning products for decades. The wide range of lux soap and body wash brings out the best of beauty and helps the women in expressing more of who they are. The lux body soap gives a soft touch to your skin and produces nice foam when you are using it.

Lux Soap Collection

Let the lux help you in bringing out the most of you, grab lux skin cleansing bar velvet touch and shine in public. Get soft, moisturized skin with the lux bars. Since its arrival, the lux the successfully captured the attention and love of millions. The velvet part of this soap gives a velvet touch to your skin so you stand out with confidence.

The Lux Splash comes with refreshing cooling mint and invigorating scents coupled with the water lilies; all these ingredients combined to give you a blast of splashy vibes that keeps you fresh for a longer time. The different layers of notes used in the manufacturing process when coupled with intense fragrances result in an exceptional lux soap bar.

Perfumed collection of lux elegant gardenia is carefully infused with alluring perfumes and oils that would just make your day. At every bar, you are guaranteed to get exotic notes refreshing scents.

The lux purple lotus bar satisfies you with the luxurious and moistening feel to your skin coupled with the long-lasting fragrance that keeps your fresh and active. The soap contains the freshness and softness of lotus as the base layer coupled with a superior fragrance bloom that is 2x better and long-lasting than real flowers.

We have got a whole range of fragrance soaps that includes lux soft touch, lux beauty soap hypnotic rose, Lux touch beauty soap, and more

The lux Sabun is no less than a magical spell. The lux soap is a fragrance story that has different layers of magical notes and skin moistening ingredients that help you glow all the time.

Lux Body Wash

Pamper your skin with the lux liquid body wash that is perfect for all types of skin.

The lux magical spell is a perfect blend of rare mesmerizing black orchids as base layers coupled with the floral fusion oil that wash your skin perfectly and also perfumes the skin for a longer time after your shower.

The divine smelling lux soft touch body washes to make sure that you get out of the shower with a moisturized skin. It contains the freshness and scent of French roses that are irresistible and will captive your senses. The fragrance story's different layers enhance the body wash legacy.

Last but not the least, the lux camellia white body wash is a perfect mix for your skin coupled with the infused bold smell.

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Lux Body Wash Magical Spell  220ml

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