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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products

Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products
K&Ns Breakfast Sausages 720gm
K&N`s Chicken Fun Nuggets 795gm Economy Pack
K&N`s Chicken Nuggets 270gm 12`s
K&N`s Chicken Tender Pops 780gm Economy Pack
K&N`s Chicken Tender Pops 260gm
K&N`s Chicken Fun Nuggets 265gm
K&Ns Frankfurter Sausages 720gm
K&Ns Jumbo Frank Cheese & Onion Sausages 740gm
K&Ns Bologna Slice 616gm
K&Ns Chicken Burger Patties 400gm
K&Ns Chicken Burger Patties 1070gm 16pcs
K&Ns Thunder Chicken Fillet Economy Pack 550gm
K&Ns Mortadella Slice 616gm

K&ns Chicken Products

K&N's provides a wide range of value-added, safe and healthy chicken products, with a variety of whole chicken, designer cuts and premium boneless meat, with a broad choice of ready-to-cook and fully cooked chicken products. K&N's also provides a range of industrial products to poultry farmers, in form of parent stock, broiler & layer day-old chicks, hatching-eggs and poultry feed. Explore K&Ns online store to shop quick & easy in Karachi. QnE Offers a wider range of K&ns Products at best prices in Pakistan with free delivery in Karachi.

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