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Qalsan -D Stawberry/Mango Tablet
Panadol 80mg/0.8ml Drops
Save Rs.55.00
Seroxat 20mg Tablet
Sale priceRs.441.00 Regular priceRs.496.00
Seroxat 20mg TabletGlaxosmithkline Reviews
Save Rs.10.00
Panadol Syrup 120ml
Sale priceRs.82.00 Regular priceRs.92.00
Panadol Syrup 120mlGlaxosmithkline Reviews
Nootropil 800mg Tablet
Save Rs.9.00
Betnovate-N Cream 20gm
Sale priceRs.70.00 Regular priceRs.79.00
Betnovate-N Cream 20gmGlaxosmithkline Reviews
Fefol Vit Capsules 14s
Save Rs.10.00
Zyrtec Tablets 10mg 15s
Sale priceRs.77.00 Regular priceRs.87.00
Zyrtec Tablets 10mg 15sGlaxosmithkline Reviews
Atarax 25Mg Tablet
Seretide Dmi 25/250 Inhaler
T-Day 5mg Tablet
Seretide Diskus 50/100 Inhaler
Velosef Suspension 125mg 90ml
T-Day Syrup 90ml
Augmentin 375mg Tablets 6s
Lamictal 100mg Tablet
Penbritin 500mg Capsule
Betnovate-N Oint 20gm
Seretide Diskus 50/500 Inhaler
Lamisil Cream 10gm
Ventolin 4mg Tablet
Save Rs.33.00
Velosef Suspension 250mg 90ml
Sale priceRs.268.00 Regular priceRs.301.00
Velosef Suspension 250mg 90mlGlaxosmithkline Reviews
Revital-M Tablets

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