Dry Fruits

Showing 1 - 24 of 36 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 36 products
Almond (Badam) 250gm
Walnut (Akhroot) Inshell 250gm
Mixed Nuts 500gm
Peanut Spicy 200gm
Peanuts Kernels 250gm
Peanuts Blanched 250gm
Peanut Kernels 500gm
Peanuts Blanched 500gm
Peanut Kernels Roasted & Salted 250gm
Peanut Kernels Roasted & Salted 500gm
Pistachio Kernal (Pista) 250gm
Pistachio Kernal (Pista) 500gm
Raisins Gol (Kishmish) 250gm
Raisins Gol (Kishmish) 500gm
Pistachio Roasted & Salted (Pista) 500gm
Raisins Irani (kishmish) 500gm
Raisins Irani (kishmish) 250gm
Raisins Afghani (kishmish) 500gm
Walnut (Akhroot) Kernal 250gm
Walnut (Akhroot) Kernal 500gm
Walnut (Akhroot) Inshell 500gmWalnut (Akhroot) Inshell 500gm
Mixed Nuts 250gm

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