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Dayfresh Chocolate Flavored Milk - 225ml Tetra Pack
Dayfresh Strawberry Flavored Milk - 225ml Tetra Pack
Dayfresh Pista Zafran Flavored Milk - 225ml Tetra
Dayfresh Banana Flavored Milk - 225ml Tetra Pack
Dayfresh Lactose Free Milk 1000 ml
Dayfresh Mango Flavored Milk, 225ml
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DayFresh Milk 250ml x 24pcs Carton
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DayFresh Milk 250ml x 24pcs CartonDayfresh
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DayFresh Milk 1Litre x 12pcs Carton
Sale priceRs.2,424.00 Regular priceRs.2,434.00
DayFresh Milk 1Litre x 12pcs CartonDayfresh
Dayfresh Nuttelicious Hazelnut Milk, 225ml
Day Fresh Chocolate Salted Caramel Milk, 225ml
Dayfresh Lactose Free Milk 1000 ml - 12 Pc Carton

Day fresh milk

Day fresh Milk offers a pasteurized, hygiene, and homogenized hormone-free Milk that is 100% pure and is 100 % Australian cow milk. Dairyland brings you fresh Milk packed in safe packages and HDPE food-grade packages. They also have long-shelf Milk as well as flavored Milk in HDPE-approved bottles.

In Pakistan, Day fresh is the only milk manufacturer company with its farm and 100% Australian cows. The equity of this brand stands in the three top milk brands. The day new company has its own and well-controlled cold chain supply supplying products that ensure the high-quality and timely delivery of fresh products. The good thing is all the products of the company are free from any hormonal injections.

Day fresh and Dairyland

In Dairyland, the company strictly emphasizes maintaining the world-class quality of all the day fresh milk products. They keep up the dynamic technology in the milk-processing industry. Day by Day, they are trying to introduce high-quality and advanced Milk at an affordable price for everyone. Day fresh never compromises Milk's quality and makes sure that the checking processes are carried out at every production level to make certain premium quality assurance.

Day fresh lactose-free milk

If you find it difficult to digest your Milk, you might have a very common condition that is called lactose intolerance. To solve your problems, Day fresh lactose-free milk comes with 0.001% of lactose included in it that gives you a chance to enjoy Milk's natural goodness.

Day fresh lactose-free Milk comes with Milk's goodness consisting of all necessary proteins, calcium, vitamins, etc. It's a perfect diet for those who aren't getting the proper nutrition they deserve, and Day's fresh lactose-free Milk makes it easy for them to get healthy nourishment.

Day fresh UHT Milk

Day fresh UHT milk is a new addition to the milk product range made up of 100% Australian Cow's Milk and comes packed and processed under the high-quality quality control standards that make sure that you get a balanced a nutritious milk to start your day. It guarantees purity, health, goodness, and creaminess till the last sip of your drink. Avail of the best Day fresh milk price in Pakistan at QnE. You can use Day fresh UHT milk for

Day fresh flavored milk

Day fresh flavored milk is the group of dairy farmers who firmly believe in the goodness of Milk's real blessing of nature. They have a farm where they provide the highest natural quality Milk and take real care of each level to ensure that you are getting the right and beneficial nutrients just from the Milk of glass. Here is someday fresh flavored Milk that you must add to your grocery list

Belgian Chocolate milk

Now, enjoy the richness of Belgian chocolate milk indulging in our farm fresh Milk's smoothness that leaves an amazing after taste. The taste is so good that it'll leave you wanting more. This chocolate-flavored Milk is sourced from the high Dairyland's Milk.

Nuttelicious Hazelnut Chocolate Milk

Nuttelicious Hazelnut Chocolate Milk is a full creamy, nutty, blended with rich chocolate and the intense flavor of hazelnut flavor. The smooth ride of creamy Milk takes you to the blends of an exotic nuttelicious flavor journey.

Salted caramel Chocolate milk

It's an ideal combination of salty and salted caramel with the chocolate added to the smooth blend, and the creamy milky taste of Dayfresh Milk takes the flavor to a whole new level. This chocolate-flavored Milk is sourced from the high Dairyland's Milk.

Day fresh mango-flavored Milk

Its flavored Milk made with flavored Milk, sugar, and flavoring and comes enriched with vitamins and calcium. Now enjoy the real goodness of mangoes, even if the mango is out of season. This flavored Milk is homogenized and UHT treated free from any hormonal injection-free.

Day fresh Banana flavored milk

Now get healthy and rich in flavor bananas packed in a Dayfresh juice packet. It's a perfect partner of yours to be with you on the go anytime. No additional flavors or preservatives are added to the taste.

It's a perfect drink for those who love dry fruits. The pasta and zafran flavor is an ideal blend of pistachios, zafran, and saffron, while the Milk is 100% creamy and smooth, just like you love to have it. No added preservatives or artificial flavors, moreover hormonal injection-free. In short, you are getting high-quality Milk.

Day fresh chocolate milk

Enjoy the waves of soft chocolate-flavored drink in every sip you take. The dark, smooth, and intense mix of creamy Milk with chocolate provide you with the real goodness of cow's Milk that ensures that you get all the nutrients in a tasty beverage.

Day fresh Coffee

Day fresh coffee flavor is a perfect blend of coffee extract, coffee syrup, and Milk together in a drink to provide you a fantastic taste at any hour of the Day. The flavored Milk contains sugar plus all the healthy nutrient that any plain milk contains. So, if your kid throws tantrums while drinking Milk, you can give them Dayfresh flavored Milk

Day fresh Strawberry flavored Milk

The tangy and sweet taste of strawberries is perfectly balanced with the pure creaminess of high-quality Dayfresh Milk sourced from the Dairyland. Now you can enjoy the taste that's full of delicious strawberries.

Benefits of Fresh Milk:

Day fresh Milk brings nine essential nutrients that benefit our health:

  • It serves as a great source of energy and also rebuilds & repairs muscle tissue in our body
  • Helps maintain bones
  • It helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure throughout the Day
  • An essential nutrient that metabolizes fatty acids and sugars in our body
  • It helps in maintaining healthy red blood cells and nerve tissues
  • It helps in maintaining the immune system of our body, and it also helps to keep normal vision and skin
  • It makes the bones and teeth healthy and also helps in maintaining a bone mass
  • It helps to strengthen the bones and to regenerate the energy
  • Converts our intake into energy form

All in all, day fresh milk packs quite a punch when it comes to nutrition, and you don't have to drink a gallon to reap the benefits. Just one 8-ounce glass of milk provides the same amount of vitamin D you'd get from 3.5 ounces of cooked salmon, as much potassium as a small banana, as much vitamin A as two baby carrots, and as much phosphorus as a cup of kidney beans!

In Karachi, people are very keen while selecting dairy products for their use, specifically Milk. To ease the situation, QnE brings Dayfresh home delivery. Recently, Day fresh cow milk has launched a Lactose-Free Milk which is also available at QnE, including all the flavored milk Banana, Pista, Chocolate, and Strawberry. Whether you order one pack of Milk or a carton, we ensure you that you will get the best day fresh flavored milk price in Pakistan online in Karachi on all Day fresh products.

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