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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products
Dawn Plain Paratha Value Pack 20 Pieces 1600g
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Dawn Plain Paratha 30 pieces
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Dawn Plain Paratha 30 piecesDawn Reviews
Looking for breakfast but there's no bread and you stand there with a poker face, and now you have to go to the store and touch every bread to test its freshness. And what if you don't find a fresh bread? Now you're thinking it's another start to a bad day. Don't be sad, we are here to brighten up your day with dawn bread. The bread so fresh you'd feel as if it has just been made seconds ago. Dawn understands the importance of nutrition and taste, and is committed to providing the highest quality bread products to Pakistan.
So, what are you waiting for? We give you the best prices and deliver to you at your doorstep straight out of QnE. We'll provide you with just the right amount of prices you are looking for in Karachi and all over Pakistan. Just sit back and contact us or visit our website. Place your order now and we'll be at your service in just a couple of hours via our express delivery.

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