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Dalda VTF Banaspati Ghee Single Pouch 1 Litre
Save Rs.29.00
Dalda Canola Cooking Oil Pouch 1ltr
Sale priceRs.590.00 Regular priceRs.619.00
Dalda Canola Cooking Oil Pouch 1ltrDalda
Dalda Corn Oil 3 litre Tin
Sale priceRs.2,495.00
Dalda Corn Oil 3 litre TinDalda
Save Rs.15.00
Dalda Cooking Oil Single Pouch 1 Litre
Sale priceRs.515.00 Regular priceRs.530.00
Dalda Cooking Oil Single Pouch 1 LitreDalda
Sale priceRs.4,225.00
Save Rs.90.00
Sale priceRs.2,040.00 Regular priceRs.2,130.00
Save Rs.14.00
Dalda Canola Oil Single Pouch 1 Litre
Sale priceRs.394.00 Regular priceRs.408.00
Dalda Canola Oil Single Pouch 1 LitreDalda
Save Rs.180.00
Dalda Canola Cooking Oil Can 10ltr
Sale priceRs.4,070.00 Regular priceRs.4,250.00
Dalda Canola Cooking Oil Can 10ltrDalda
Save Rs.11.00
Dalda Cooking Oil 4.5 Litre
Sale priceRs.1,899.00 Regular priceRs.1,910.00
Dalda Cooking Oil 4.5 LitreDalda
Save Rs.10.00
Dalda Cooking Oil 3 Litre
Sale priceRs.1,265.00 Regular priceRs.1,275.00
Dalda Cooking Oil 3 LitreDalda
Save Rs.107.00
Dalda Cooking Oil 2.5ltr Tin
Sale priceRs.1,033.00 Regular priceRs.1,140.00
Dalda Cooking Oil 2.5ltr TinDalda
Save Rs.16.00
Dalda Canola Oil 4.5 Litres
Sale priceRs.1,894.00 Regular priceRs.1,910.00
Dalda Canola Oil 4.5 LitresDalda
Dalda Fortified Canola Oil Can 10ltr
Save Rs.10.00
Dalda Canola Oil 3 Litre
Sale priceRs.1,265.00 Regular priceRs.1,275.00
Dalda Canola Oil 3 LitreDalda
Dalda Fortified Cooking Oil Pouch 1 Litre
Dalda Planta Cooking Oil Bottle 3ltr
Save Rs.4.00
Dalda Fortified Canola Oil 1 Litre Pouch
Sale priceRs.595.00 Regular priceRs.599.00
Dalda Fortified Canola Oil 1 Litre PouchDalda



Dalda has a legacy of over 80 years and has a primary objective to a healthy environment by enhancing millions of people's lives through its nutritional products. Dalda is a true leading eligible oil manufacturer in Pakistan, which isn't only limited to oil and fats. Still, also it is enlarging its firm by taking a new step in the line of snacks, dairy, and other food-related categories. Dalda Pakistan, through its products, touches millions of lives every day, even in remote areas. It offers products and different services to fulfill consumer needs.

Dalda cooking oil

Dalda cooking oil offers you a whole array of premium cooking oil and banaspati (ghee) with a promise to provide a healthy and safe environment to their consumers. Over the years, the Dalda oils have successfully built meaningful relations with their consumers by providing them with high-quality cooking oils and ghee that are popular and recognized all around the globe. Here are some Dalda products:

Cooking oils

Corn oil

Dalda corn oil considered the best cooking oil for the heart, is manufactured with heart-healthy compounds that protect your heart from harmful fats and improve overall health. The nutritional ingredients of corn oil, combined with Dalda's technology and experts, produce a healthy and nourishing oil.

Olive oil

The Dalda Olive oil ensures you the nutrition that you need to stay strong and healthy. Olive oil provides you all the health benefits and comes fortified with extra Vitamin A, D & E that enhances the flavor of your recipe. So, if you are looking for reliable and fresh olive oil, then Dalda Olive oil is the best option you can opt for.

Sunflower oil

Those who like to have it more lightly can choose Dalda Sunflower oil with their eyes closed. The sunflower oil features โ€œLo-Absorb Technologyโ€ that makes you feel lighter and brighter the whole day.

Canola oil

Freshly extracted from the canola oil seeds with the added power of Vitamins makes it a fully fortified and pure canola oil that makes your recipe tasty and gives extra energy and strength vital to keep you healthy solid.

Highlighting features of Dalda healthy cooking oil

  • Suitable for the heart.
  • Provides you with a healthy diet that helps preserve the quality of life and gives you a healthy and robust life ahead.
  • Corn oil is highly beneficial and friendly for your heart that defends it against harmful fats more than any other oil.

Dalda Banaspati

Wondering whatโ€™s the best and healthiest banaspati that would help you to make the most delicious dishes? The Dalda ghee is the right product for you. The Dalda VTF banaspati is the most profitable banaspati brand in Pakistan. VTF's โ€œVirtual Trans free Fat" technology limits all the harmful saturated and unsaturated fatty acids content to less than 0.1%, as European standards recommend. The health shield ensures that you lead a long and healthy life when natural nutrients, coupled with the vitamin A & D of banaspati, make it the best banaspati for cooking. The Dalda plant adds the natural goodness of natural ingredients and makes it the healthy banaspati category.


The Dalda cooking oil and banaspati feature low absorption technology, additional vitamins and nutrients, and Zero cholesterol that lead its consumer to lead and strong, healthy and happy life.

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