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Comelle Condensed Milk 397gm
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Comelle Condensed Milk 72gm
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Comelle Condensed Milk 72gmComelle Reviews
Comelle Khalis Desi Ghee  1 Kg
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Comelle Full Cream Milk Powder  400 gm
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Comelle Full Cream Milk Powder 400 gmComelle Reviews


Comelle is cream sweetened condensed milk brand that is a child brand of Millac Foods. Millac Foods are operating in Pakistan since 1967. Buy Comelle Condensed milk at the best prices in Pakistan from QnE. 60% of the cow milk is composed of water that is removed, this milk is known as evaporated milk. Comelle is made when the sugar is added to this evaporated milk, making it condensed milk.

Comelle condensed milk is widely used in different cooking combinations kheer, Gajar ka Halwa, Methai, cakes, sweets, milkshakes, puddings etc. Comelle is also widely used in different confectionaries like chocolate, cakes, caramel fondue, butterscotch bars, and different baked items.

Moreover, to give an energetic start to your day, you can also add Comelle condensed milk to your coffee. Get Comelle milk at the best prices online at QnE, the process is easy as cake, just order online or order from our app and get it delivered at your doorstep.

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