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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
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Bonus Tristar Washing Powder 1000 gm
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Bonus Tristar Washing Powder 1000 gmBonus Reviews
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Bonus Active Washing Detergent 770gm
Sale priceRs.211.00 Regular priceRs.230.00
Bonus Active Washing Detergent 770gmBonus Reviews
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Bonus Tristar Washing Powder 380m
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Bonus Tristar Washing Powder 380mBonus Reviews
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Bonus Tristar Washing Powder 3kg
Sale priceRs.562.00 Regular priceRs.635.00
Bonus Tristar Washing Powder 3kgBonus Reviews
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Bonus Tristar Washing Powder 2 kg
Sale priceRs.173.00 Regular priceRs.199.00
Bonus Tristar Washing Powder 2 kgBonus Reviews

Bonus washing powder

Bonus washing powder is one of the best brand names that stand out we talk about washing clothes. It's a number 1 choice for women all over Pakistan. Bonus surf includes highly active surfactants that enhance the ability of water to wet the clothes, spread over the surface, and dive right into the fibers of your clothes. This washing powder is also known as enzymes based biological washing powders. If you want to give your clothes an efficient whitewash, then use Bonus washing powder that comes with the ability to remove 100% of the germs, bacteria, virus, etc.

Bonus Detergent Powder

Bonus detergent powder comes in unique variants that do that job efficiently depending upon the type of fabric you are washing or the type of detergent powder you are using to wash. Take advantage of effortless cleaning with a wide range of bonus detergent powders.

Starting the list with the Bonus active washing detergent, that make sure that you live every moment full of colors. For those who are looking for a perfect partner that doesn't affect the color of your clothes, no matter if it's white color or colorful. With its powerful formulation and cleaning techniques & fragrance, bonus active washing powder contains blue and red speckles that ensure that not a single dirt spot goes unclean. It also protects your fabric without affecting the color and quality of your fabric.

Bonus Tristar washing powder

And the now presenting you the Bonus tristar washing powder- The number 1 selling brand and a very first trusted choice of Pakistani women across the country. It's a platform that is enhancing day by day and encourages conversion from traditional laundry to detergent powders. With bonus tristar, you are getting the best effortless cleaning and a refreshing scent after washing.

The maximum cleaning power of bonus offers you a powerful formula that is designed to cut off the toughest dirt stains in just a single wash, at the same time it also takes care of your fabric along with the colors. It ensures that your white gets; whiter and if it's colorful the surf powders make sure that the color shines brightly. Some of you might have a myth that washing your clothes frequently might affect the fiber's clothes and color. But with surf of bonus, even with the consecutive washes your clothes remain fresh and look good as new.

Looking for the best machine powder? The bonus machine washing powder comes with powerful washing techniques, a premium formulation that perfectly suits your machine and also ensures that efficient foamy, and superior stain removal.

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