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Bake Parlor Tikkah Macaroni 250 gm
Bake Parlor U Shape Vermicelli 150 gm
Bake Parlor Fancy Macroni Big Elbow 400 gm
Bake Parlor Spaghetti Box 450 gm
Bake Parlor Fajita Spaghetti 250 gm
Bake Parlor Plain Cut Vermicelli  425 gm
Bake Parlor Color Vermicelli 200 gm
Bake Parlor Fancy Macroni Shell 400 gm
Bake Parlor Bar B.Q Macaroni 250 gm
Bake Parlor Fancy Spaghetti 500 gm
Bake Parlor Fancy Macaroni Fusilli 400 gm
Bake Parlour Khalis Atta 5 kg
Bake Parlour Khalis Atta 5 kg
Bake Parlor Diet Aata Bag 2.5kg
Bake Parlor Color Vermicelli 400 gm
Bake Parlor Chat Masala Powder 50gm
Bake Parlor Vinegar White 300 ml

Bake Parlor

Bake parlor has been delivering products with excellence since 1926. They are toping the Pakistani food industry with the help of their elite taste food products. Bake parlor has an extensive range of cooking recipes that includes Italian, ketchup sauces, Spice Mix, Syrup, and vermicelli.

We have all the products of Bake parlor.

 The refined range of bake parlor macaroni, spaghetti, pasta, ketchup, and vermicelli is now at your doorstep with QnE.

Bake parlor pasta

Bake parlor is a real pasta expert that surprises you every time with its amazing, bake parlor pasta range. The refined pasta range is a perfect source for a healthy and nutritious and satisfying meal. The list is categorized as Fancy Macaroni big elbow, small elbow Macaroni box, fancy macaroni shells, fancy macaroni Penne as a short component of pasta.

The components that complete the recipe of pasta are Spaghetti that is categorized as fancy macaroni longer,  fancy bake parlor spaghetti, Fusilli Macaroni, Fusilli macaroni, real egg noodles, fancy macaroni penne, spiral macaroni, twisted macaroni, three-color macaroni that’s when mixed results in saucy & delicious recipe that would kick up your extreme hunger and make them go away. So, what’s stopping you from taking that sweet bites? Order and follow the recipe of bake parlor experts and treat yourself with a mouth-watering recipe that’ll make your day.

Bake parlor macaroni

The bake parlor tikka macaroni is the pioneer when it comes to 2 in 1 paste mix that offers 20 different variants that are nutritious, delicious, and easy to cook. Each variant is made up of natural herbs and spices. The unique seasonally harvested are great-tasting cuisines. When speaking about macaroni and pasta, how can we forget parlor noodles that contain a whole new savor of a mixed blend of chicken, beef, egg, ramen, vegetables, spices, and more?

Bake parlor Chinese noodles

Satisfy your mid-day cravings with bake parlor hot & sour Chinese Noodles & it’ll surely give you a sizzling boost of flavors. These noodles contain the selected spices and ingredients that will never disappoint you.

Bake parlor ketchup

Ketchup- a zesty component that goes hand-in-hand with a lot of products. Now, complete the perfect dining with the complete bake parlor ketchup range. The unique and sweet recipe of ketchup perfectly fits with your every moment from a summer picnic to festive meals. A spoonful of ketchup goes delicious with spaghetti, macaroni, samosa, pasta, and kebab range.

Bake parlor vermicelli

Bake parlor vermicelli/ Siveyan is a traditional sweet dish of Pakistan that comes in the form of pasta and it’s made up of white wheat flour. When made bake parlor u-shape vermicelli becomes a perfect blend of sweet taste and sweet aroma

So, don’t wait any further, we know you are already craving spicy noodles, so order and get your cravings satisfied as we are offering the best prices on bake parlor products with additional discounts.


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