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Aquafina Mineral Water Pet Bottle 500 ml
Did you see the TV shows about the water companies being exposed, it scared you, didn't it? The major water companies you put your trust on, just using the tap water and not even filtering it, so which water are you going to trust from now? Worry no more as we bring you Aquafina, the best water in town, purified and filtered water guaranteed. So, give your family the cleanest water from now on, the top distributor of mineral water Aquafina.
So, what are you waiting for? Giving you the best prices and delivering to you at your doorstep straight out of QnE. We'll provide you with just the right amount of prices you are looking for in Karachi and all over Pakistan. Contact us or visit our website and place your order now and we'll be at your service in just a couple of hours via our express delivery.

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