Comfort Fabric Conditioner Morning Fresh 200 ml

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We do not deliver some grocery items, liquid, chips, fresh, frozen and medicines to out of karachi.


Its really sorry to inform you that we do not deliver grocer, liquid, chips, fresh, frozen and medicines to out of city

Feature of benefits:

1) All-Day Freshness Comfort now has Fragrance Pearls which get embedded in cloth fibres & release bursts of freshness all day.

2) Shine: Comfort smoothens your cloth fibres & keeps them shining like new for longer.

3) Softness: Comfort makes your clothes soft & great to wear.

Product Description:

Even if you use the best detergent, your clothes start looking dull & lifeless in just a few washes. Comfort Fabric Conditioner protects clothes from the damage caused by detergents. Use Comfort after every wash for Freshness: Shine and softness

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