Comfort Fabric Conditioner Lily Fresh 400 ml

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 Comfort fabric conditioner lily fresh 400ml

The lily fresh softener comes combined with new fragrance pearls that provide your clothes all-day freshness. By providing an unbeatable shine to your clothes and makes them all ready to wear. Moreover, it goes deep down to the very last fabric of your cloth and provides them with fabric comfort for clothes that your clothes need, also smoothens them by removes the wrinkles in your clothes.

How to use

For hand wash cleaning

      •   After cleaning your clothes with detergent, in the cycle of clothes, pour 2 cups of half cups of comfort in a bucket that clothes with water.

      •  Now, leaves the clothes for soaking in the same bucket that contains comfort.

      •  After 5 minutes removes the clothes leave them for drying. Don’t rinse them again.

For machine wash

      •  For semi-automatic wash: Just add 1 cap of comfort in the last rinse or cycle.

      •  For a Fully automatic machine: Add 1 cap full of Comfort fabric softener or conditioner or any additive compartment.

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