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Showing 25 - 48 of 240 products
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Pantene Moisture Renewal Shampoo 360ML
Sale priceRs.725.00 Regular priceRs.800.00
Pantene Moisture Renewal Shampoo 360MLPantene
Save Rs.180.00
Pantene Deep Black Shampoo 360 ml
Sale priceRs.620.00 Regular priceRs.800.00
Pantene Deep Black Shampoo 360 mlPantene
Save Rs.180.00
Pantene Smooth & Strong Shampoo 360 ml
Sale priceRs.620.00 Regular priceRs.800.00
Pantene Smooth & Strong Shampoo 360 mlPantene
Save Rs.145.00
Ariel Washing Powder 1 kgAriel Washing Powder 1 kg
Sale priceRs.525.00 Regular priceRs.670.00
Ariel Washing Powder 1 kgAriel
Save Rs.22.00
Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo 75ml
Sale priceRs.198.00 Regular priceRs.220.00
Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo 75mlHead & Shoulders
Save Rs.83.00
Ariel Washing Powder 2 KgAriel Washing Powder 2 Kg
Sale priceRs.1,167.00 Regular priceRs.1,250.00
Ariel Washing Powder 2 KgAriel
Save Rs.24.00
Pantene Moisture Renewal Shampoo 185ml
Sale priceRs.426.00 Regular priceRs.450.00
Pantene Moisture Renewal Shampoo 185mlPantene
Save Rs.50.00
Safeguard Bar Soap Pure White 125gm (Bundle of 3)
Sale priceRs.445.00 Regular priceRs.495.00
Safeguard Bar Soap Pure White 125gm (Bundle of 3)Safeguard
Save Rs.181.00
Pantene Milky Extra Treatment Shampoo, 650 ml
Sale priceRs.1,169.00 Regular priceRs.1,350.00
Pantene Milky Extra Treatment Shampoo, 650 mlPantene
Save Rs.44.00
Safeguard Pure White Soap 110gm Pack Of 3Safeguard Pure White Soap 110gm Pack Of 3
Sale priceRs.391.00 Regular priceRs.435.00
Safeguard Pure White Soap 110gm Pack Of 3Safeguard
Save Rs.40.00
Safeguard Bar Soap Floral 135gm (Bundle of 3)
Sale priceRs.425.00 Regular priceRs.465.00
Safeguard Bar Soap Floral 135gm (Bundle of 3)Safeguard
Save Rs.6.00
Safeguard Floral Scent Soap 103gm
Sale priceRs.119.00 Regular priceRs.125.00
Safeguard Floral Scent Soap 103gmSafeguard
Save Rs.33.00
Ariel Washing Powder Touch Of Freshness Downy  450 gm
Sale priceRs.292.00 Regular priceRs.325.00
Ariel Washing Powder Touch Of Freshness Downy 450 gmAriel
Always Feather Soft 2 in 1 Maxi Thick  Long 9 Pads
Save Rs.50.00
Safeguard Bar Soap Lemon 125gm (Bundle of 3)
Sale priceRs.445.00 Regular priceRs.495.00
Safeguard Bar Soap Lemon 125gm (Bundle of 3)Safeguard
Save Rs.67.00
Safeguard Bar Soap Lavender Oil 175gm ( Pack of 3 )
Sale priceRs.538.00 Regular priceRs.605.00
Safeguard Bar Soap Lavender Oil 175gm ( Pack of 3 )Safeguard
Save Rs.144.00
Head & Shoulders Menthol Shampoo 360ml
Sale priceRs.756.00 Regular priceRs.900.00
Head & Shoulders Menthol Shampoo 360mlHead & Shoulders
Save Rs.22.00
Head & Shoulder Shampoo Black 75ml
Sale priceRs.198.00 Regular priceRs.220.00
Head & Shoulder Shampoo Black 75mlHead & Shoulders
Save Rs.5.00
Safeguard Soap Lemon Fresh 103 GM
Sale priceRs.135.00 Regular priceRs.140.00
Safeguard Soap Lemon Fresh 103 GMSafeguard
Save Rs.150.00
Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo, 650 ml
Sale priceRs.1,350.00 Regular priceRs.1,500.00
Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo, 650 mlHead & Shoulders
Head & Shoulders Anti Hair Fall Shampoo, 650 ml
Save Rs.60.00
Head & Shoulder Silky Black 2 in 1 190ml
Sale priceRs.540.00 Regular priceRs.600.00
Head & Shoulder Silky Black 2 in 1 190mlHead & Shoulders
Save Rs.244.00
Ariel Washing Powder 4 kgAriel Washing Powder 4 kg
Sale priceRs.2,191.00 Regular priceRs.2,435.00
Ariel Washing Powder 4 kgAriel
Save Rs.367.00
Ariel Washing Powder 6 kgAriel Washing Powder 6 kg
Sale priceRs.3,303.00 Regular priceRs.3,670.00
Ariel Washing Powder 6 kgAriel


The iconic collection of P&G is exactly what you need in your home. P&G has been making life easier with its wide range of products for laundry rooms, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms products. The collection includes baby care, feminine care, hair care, fabric care, health care, skin, and personal care products.


Does your baby keep waking up after a short time? Well, the main reason for this might be uncomfortable pampers. Suppose, you are at a party or family gathering and your little one is crying because of disturbing or uncomfortable diapers, such situations steal all the fun. So, you see pampers just donโ€™t cover the body of your baby but it should be a complete solution. As a mother, you will have to judge the babyโ€™s problems and take care of all the little details like is it pampers comfortable? Or is it of good quality and leakproof and it fits your baby?

The All-in-One solution to all these problems is pampers baby diapers

The best Pampers products features:

Here are some benefits and qualities that the best baby diapers must have:

  • Absorbent quality:ย For pampers, the absorbent rate is a must feature that diapers should have. Pampers baby diapers come with a revolutionary extra 3 absorb layers that ensure 100% absorbents of wetness.
  • Fitting:ย Fitting is another important feature that saves your childโ€™s diapers from leaking. To provide the maximum comfort to your child, there are different sizes you can pick from, like pampers dry diapers size 2, pampers dry diapers size 3, pampers dry diapers size 4, pampers dry diapers size 5.
  • Skincare:ย Pampers baby pants offer all-around skin protection with its ultra-soft comfortable pants to keep your baby happy and comfortable all day and to save your little one from irritation and skin rashes. Moreover, pampers premium care pants come with infused lotion mild lotion to provide extra care to your baby.
  • Wetness indicator:ย The wetness indicator helps you to judge when to change the babyโ€™s pamper or pants. The wetness indicator turns to blue to indicate if the diaper is wet or not.
  • Pampers baby wipes:ย Pampers baby wipes are a new form of sanitization that delivers a gentle cleaning by a unique blend of water-based infused lotion and cloth-like material. Itโ€™s is clinically proven that baby wipes are safe to use and especially effective to use when it comes to baby care. The mild cleansing lotion in wipes helps in maintaining healthy skin.

If you are looking for an easier one-pull and put-on diapers for easier and faster change, pampers premium care pants mage pack is the one-stop solution for you. These pamper pants offer you 12 hours of dryness, micro-pearls for absorbent, and extra layers for absorption. The diaper pants come with a breathable soft belt that ensures air circulation for your babyโ€™s comfort. The leg cuffs provide a better fit and prevent leakage.

Ariel- Number 1 brand for Cleaning

Ariel Pakistan is the number 1 brand that most washing machine manufacturers recommend all around the globe. Ariel surf and detergent are no less than a pro in cleaning all types of stains, no matter how hard they are. Just a single wash with Ariel will clean your clothes properly and will give a good, refreshing feel every time.

The hard stains like lipstick, paint, mascara, tea spots, and blood are difficult to remove. Suppose any of that lands on your shirt or pant and you are continuously trying to remove it but itโ€™s not cleaning? No worries because with Ariel surf, things are getting pretty easy and simple. The stain expulsion formula of Ariel laundry detergent powder can easily deal with multiple kinds of tough stains effectively and efficiently.

Always Pads

Always sanitary pads offer a variety of ranges according to the different needs preferred by ladies. Starting from ultra-thin to thick maxi pads, they have also launched always breathable that is designed specially to provide guaranteed, secure, comfortable protection. Always sanitary napkins are the first and only personal hygiene products that adhere comfortably and give you the freedom to carry on your daily activities with no worries just like normal days.


Head and Shoulder shampoo and conditioner

Head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner lineup are the world's number 1 brand when it comes to the removal of dandruff. Every one of us deserves a flake-free and dandruff-free hairstyle and a healthy scalp and thatโ€™s what head and shoulder do.

Head and shoulder have a wide range of clinically proven anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner that protects you 100% against dirt and give you an ultimate hair solution to every type of scalp.

Pantene shampoo and conditioner

The broad Pantene shampoo and conditioner range are specifically manufactured for hair repair and deep conditioning for your unique hair so that you can shine along with smooth results.

Alike your skin, your hair also needs a perfect partner that helps in growing strong, healthy, and soft and thatโ€™s where Pantene products come in.

If your hair needs daily care and becomes dry in a day, then Pantene daily moisture renewal shampoo is the one you should get your hands on. For those who are dealing with damaged hair, repair and protect shampoo. The Pro-V blend smooth & strong help in fighting the frizz for the next 48 hours and helps you in having smooth and sleek hair coupled with a vibrant shine.

The Pro-V advance hair fall solution is a perfect and permeant solution to fight hair fall and to strengthen the growth of hair. Be the star of the evening with the exceptional collection of radiant color shine shampoo.

Get the shine you were looking for with a best-ever broad collection of Pantene shampoo and grow hair that is stronger inside and shinier outside.

The unique shampoo lineup of Pantene helps water to remove dirt, odors, debris, sweat, oil, and other minor particles that stop you from shining. Features and benefits of Pantene hair care products:

  • Thick and strong hair in just 14 days.
  • Leaves a freshening scent in the hair.
  • Leaves the hair moisturized, shiny, and smooth for a longer period
  • Gets deep into the dry hair to make them smooth.
  • For better results, use the shampoo with conditioner daily.


Safeguard is known for rescuing hands from germs and allergic bacteria. Use safeguard and make sure that you and your loved ones have the power to conquer 99.99% of sinister germs. Safeguard has a broad range of cleaning products that are experts in eliminating microbe, germs, viruses, and other bacteria. Itโ€™s not just a soap, itโ€™s a result of extensive research that has won the trust of mothers all over the world with its effective cleaning.

Safeguard Soaps

Safeguard offers a good range of soaps, body wash, hand wash, and anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. The very first soap from safeguard is a pure white bar soap that is enriched with the goodness of milk and other ingredients that take care of your skin in a healthy way. Safeguard bar soap protects and your family against germs and prevents the children from 75% of germs, allergies, and bacteria that can cause illness. Its doctor-recommended and clinically proven soap to use.

Safeguard body wash

If you are in search of body wash that saves your whole body from germs and provides moisturizing skin, then donโ€™t forget to use safeguard pure white body wash. Itโ€™s doctor-recommended protection that you can trust on.

Safeguard liquid soap

The safeguard liquid hand wash is a complete solution that offers you non-stop germs protection at every wash. This safeguard liquid hand soap comes with a special cleaning formula that offers you superior protection against all the germs and bacteria in just a single wash.


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