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Showing 49 - 72 of 79 products

Showing 49 - 72 of 79 products
Save Rs.16.00
Falak Daily Rice 1 kg
Sale priceRs.129.00 Regular priceRs.145.00
Falak Daily Rice 1 kgFalak Reviews
Save Rs.25.00
Mughal Rice Sella 1Kg
Sale priceRs.195.00 Regular priceRs.220.00
Mughal Rice Sella 1KgMughalRice Reviews
Save Rs.32.00
Mughal Rice Pure 1kg
Sale priceRs.148.00 Regular priceRs.180.00
Mughal Rice Pure 1kgMughalRice Reviews
Shahenshah Super Star Rice 1kg
Reem Rice Steem  Black 5kg
Reem Rice Steem Blue 5kg
Reem Rice Basmati sella 5kg
Save Rs.45.00
Mughal Rice Super Kernel 1kg
Sale priceRs.195.00 Regular priceRs.240.00
Mughal Rice Super Kernel 1kgMughalRice Reviews
Mughal Rice Sella 5kg
Save Rs.35.00
Mughal Rice Badshah 1kg
Sale priceRs.225.00 Regular priceRs.260.00
Mughal Rice Badshah 1kgMughalRice Reviews
Save Rs.25.00
Guard Super Kernal Basmati Rice 1kg
Sale priceRs.175.00 Regular priceRs.200.00
Guard Super Kernal Basmati Rice 1kgGuard Rice Reviews
Save Rs.35.00
Falak Zarda Rice 1Kg
Sale priceRs.215.00 Regular priceRs.250.00
Falak Zarda Rice 1KgFalak Reviews
Save Rs.29.00
Falak Premium Rice 1 kg
Sale priceRs.196.00 Regular priceRs.225.00
Falak Premium Rice 1 kgFalak Reviews
Save Rs.13.00
Jazaa Rozmarrah Rice (Green) 1 Kg
Sale priceRs.122.00 Regular priceRs.135.00
Jazaa Rozmarrah Rice (Green) 1 KgJazaa Reviews
Save Rs.115.00
Jazaa Elite Steam Rice (Black) 5 Kg
Sale priceRs.1,130.00 Regular priceRs.1,245.00
Jazaa Elite Steam Rice (Black) 5 KgJazaa Reviews
Save Rs.196.00
Falak Extreme Basmati Rice 5 kg
Sale priceRs.1,029.00 Regular priceRs.1,225.00
Falak Extreme Basmati Rice 5 kgFalak Reviews
Save Rs.110.00
Jazaa Sela Gold Rice (Golden) 5 Kg
Sale priceRs.1,085.00 Regular priceRs.1,195.00
Jazaa Sela Gold Rice (Golden) 5 KgJazaa Reviews
Lazzat  Basmati Rice 5Kg
Ponam Dal Masoor
Sale priceRs.165.00
Ponam Dal MasoorQnE Reviews
Ponam Dal Moong 1kg
Sale priceRs.220.00
Ponam Dal Moong 1kgQnE Reviews
Save Rs.11.00
SSM Daal Chaana 500gm
Sale priceRs.99.00 Regular priceRs.110.00
SSM Daal Chaana 500gmSSM Pulses Reviews
Jazaa Rozmarrah Rice (Green) 5 Kg (V)
Lazzat  Basmati Rice 5Kg

Are you afraid that you might be losing touch with excellence in your cooking? Does your biryani not taste the same as it was before when the rest of your family would just not stop eating. Is it because of rice? Or is it basmati rice that you are missing?

Somewhere along the line you changed and stopped being the greatest cook in the world. Wait a minute, your hands are still the same but then, why the difference in taste? Alright! We have got the answer you’re looking for, giving you your favorite and trusted brands of rice & pulses, that’s right, bringing you the best among the rest.

Explore the best range rice, basmati rice, brown rice sella rice at the best prices all over Pakistan and a huge collection of pulses that will ensure you that you’re still the best cook for your family and your friends.

Whether it’s biryani or pulao, feel free with jazaa rice to make anything taste heavenly. So, what are you waiting for? We give you the best quality rice & pulses at the best prices available online all over Pakistan and hassle-free delivery at your doorstep straight out of QnE.

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