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Showing 1 - 24 of 44 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 44 products
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Sita-Met 50/500mg Tablets 7s
Sale priceRs.177.00 Regular priceRs.197.00
Sita-Met 50/500mg Tablets 7sCcl Pharma Reviews
Valstar 80mg Tablet
Xiga 10mg Tablet
Save Rs.52.00
Crestat 20mg Tablets 10s
Sale priceRs.418.00 Regular priceRs.470.00
Crestat 20mg Tablets 10sCcl Pharma Reviews
Levocil 250mg Tablet
Levocil 500mg Tablet
Glimet 5.0mg+500mg Tablet
Valstar 160mg Tablet
Pit-Stat 1mg Tablet
Glimet Tablets 2.5/500mg 10s
Co-Valstar 160mg+25mg Tablet
Espra 40mg Capsule
Piomet 15mg+500mg Tablet
Jardy 25mg Tablet
Valam 10mg+160mg Tablet
Galza 50mg Tablet
Galza-Met 50mg+1000mg Tablet
Febux 80mg Tablet
Piomet 15mg+850mg Tablet
Galza-Met 50mg+850mg Tablet
Levocil 500mg Vial
Xiga 5mg Tablet
Valam 5/160mg Tablets
Glimet 1.25mg+250mg Tablet

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