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Similac Total Comfort Stage 1
Sale priceRs.2,235.00
Similac Total Comfort Stage 1Similac
Similac IQ Plus 1
Sale priceRs.2,140.00
Similac IQ Plus 1Similac
Similac Neosure - 370gm
Sale priceRs.2,420.00
Similac Neosure - 370gmSimilac
Similac Mom Milk Powder  400 gm
Similac Milk Powder Formula 3 Gain


Similac provides the best formula for brain development through its clinically proven products which fulfills nutritional needs of a mother and her child. It provides 24 essential vitamins and minerals containing combinations of immunified ingredients including nucleotides and prebiotics, similar to those naturally found in breast milk and colostrum. Get this exceptional product at QnE and get the most ideal prices online.

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