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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products
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Surf Excel Washing Powder 500g
Sale priceRs.269.00 Regular priceRs.299.00
Surf Excel Washing Powder 500gSurf Excel
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Surf Excel Liquid Detergent Bottle 1000ML
Sale priceRs.599.00 Regular priceRs.799.00
Surf Excel Liquid Detergent Bottle 1000MLSurf Excel
Save Rs.81.00
Surf Excel Liquid Detergent Bottle 500ML
Sale priceRs.339.00 Regular priceRs.420.00
Surf Excel Liquid Detergent Bottle 500MLSurf Excel
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Surf Excel Matic Top Load Washing Powder 1 kg
Sale priceRs.667.00 Regular priceRs.699.00
Surf Excel Matic Top Load Washing Powder 1 kgSurf Excel
Save Rs.39.00
Surf Excel Washing Powder 1kg
Sale priceRs.560.00 Regular priceRs.599.00
Surf Excel Washing Powder 1kgSurf Excel
Save Rs.125.00
Surf Excel Washing Powder  2 kg
Sale priceRs.1,020.00 Regular priceRs.1,145.00
Surf Excel Washing Powder 2 kgSurf Excel
Save Rs.40.00
Free Pakistan Cap with Surf Excel 2Kg
Sale priceRs.650.00 Regular priceRs.690.00
Free Pakistan Cap with Surf Excel 2KgSurf Excel
Save Rs.65.00
Surf Excel Washing Powder 4.5kg
Sale priceRs.1,365.00 Regular priceRs.1,430.00
Surf Excel Washing Powder 4.5kgSurf Excel
Save Rs.100.00
Free Pakistan Jersey with Pack of 2 Surf Excel Liquids 1000ML
Sale priceRs.1,000.00 Regular priceRs.1,100.00
Free Pakistan Jersey with Pack of 2 Surf Excel Liquids 1000MLSurf Excel
Save Rs.23.00
Free Cricket Ball with Surf Excel 1kg
Sale priceRs.476.00 Regular priceRs.499.00
Free Cricket Ball with Surf Excel 1kgSurf Excel
Save Rs.40.00
Free Cricket Bag with Pack of 2 Surf Excel 3 kg
Sale priceRs.1,900.00 Regular priceRs.1,940.00
Free Cricket Bag with Pack of 2 Surf Excel 3 kgSurf Excel
Save Rs.185.00
Surf Excel 3 Kg Bag
Sale priceRs.1,500.00 Regular priceRs.1,685.00
Surf Excel 3 Kg BagSurf Excel

Surf Excel Washing Powder 

Surf excel is a trusted brand name with a 110+ year history and exists in several countries with Rinso, Skip, Omo, and Surf Excel. The brand was launched in 1948 in Pakistan and had a deep-rooted heritage, which makes it a national brand that most people prefer when it comes to washing clothes.

Surf excels claims that “Daag tou ache hote,” which means stains are good. If we look at it thoroughly, we’ll get to know it’s more than just a tagline. It’s a central philosophy that carries an intrinsic passion in it to ensure that your child lives at its best and ensures better child development with tactile learning.

Surf Excel believes that Dirt is a natural part of the development life of a child. There are many fun activities and small rights that allow children to have fun, like playing outdoor games without care about stains and dirt stains. These are little activities that allow you, child, to be more creative and develop confidence in them.

Surf Excel products

To ensure that both you and your child don’t have to worry about stains and Dirt, Surf Excel brings a broad range of powerful powder cleaners that fight even the hardest stains and easily remove them. Surf Excel Pakistan offers you an outstanding cleaning on tough stains with its multiple products that are best for both machine wash and bucket wash.

  • Surf Excel Original

Unlike other clothes washing soaps and detergents powders, Surf excels works hard on your clothes when used with water. It comes with a stronger cleansing option. Surf excel original products produce more suds which results in better cleaning of your clothes. It comes with a long chain of hydrocarbon that is biodegradable and good for your clothes.

  • Surf Excel Matic Top load

Using detergent powder to clean your clothes is very important for your clothes and maintains your machine. Surf Excel Matic Top Load is designed to provide better cleaning in a machine by generating the right amount of suds and leaving a powerful agent that cleans the toughest stains in just a single wash cycle. In Pakistan, this surf Excel laundry detergent powder is one of the best detergent powders for washing clothes.

  • Surf Excel Matic front load

Suds are good, but excess suds might not be good for your clothes. oversudsing happens if you add handwash detergent powder to the machine or add washing powder that isn’t suitable for machine cleaning. Surf excels the right amount of foam that cares for both your machine and your clothes. The vibrating molecules of Surf Excel Matic give a superior clean to your clothes. Moreover, it leaves a refreshing feels to your clothes. 

If you were searching for the best detergent or cleaning powder, then Surf Excels is the right option for you. Now, offering you the best affordable Surf excel price in Pakistan price with free and fast delivery all over Pakistan. You can also shop for laundry products and other groceries from us.

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