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Sabroso Nuggets Economy Pack 820gm
Sabroso Chicken Crispy Poppers 250 Gm
Sabroso Chicken Seekh Kabab  205 Gm
Sabroso Chicken Gola Kabab 200 Gm
Sabroso Shami Kabab 240gm
Sabroso Chicken Burger Patty 370 Gm
Sabroso Chapli Kabab (Economy pack) 740gm
Sabroso Chicken Gola Kabab 515 Gm
Sabroso Chapli Kabab 296gm
Sabroso Kofta Economy Pack 800gm
Sabroso Plain Paratha 20pcs Pack
Sabroso Premium Boti Cut (Branded) 1 Kg
Sabroso Aqua Buddies  Economy Pack 1 Kg
Sabroso Chicken Kachori 480g
Sabroso Shami Kabab Economy Pack 600gm
Sabroso Chicken Samosa  Economy Pack
Sabroso Chicken Nuggets  270 Gm
Sabroso Chicken Donut 310g
Sabroso Leg Tikka 380gm
Sabroso Chicken Shahi Tikka  500 Gm
Sabroso Karahi Cut (Branded) 1 Kg
Sabroso Leg Tikka 760gm

Sabroso-The Chicken Specialist

Sabroso is a real chicken specialist that offers tender and juiciest meat in the town. Sabroso believes that everyone deserves a fresh hygienic, healthy, and wholesome nutrient diet. Here are all the products that are not only mouth-watering and indicates fresh taste every time you eat them.

Sabroso Products

The Sabroso products have been widely famous all over Pakistan. And that’s because of the high-quality chicken they offer. From chicken donut chicken chapli kabab you can get it all on sabroso online store. Sabroso claims that you and your loved ones deserve hygiene food and wholesome chicken at affordable rates. Browse the most selling products from our sabroso menu.

Sabroso Chicken Donut 

Do you like donuts or their shape? If yes, then congratulations because sabroso chicken donut is a newly arrived delicious and creamy chicken product that is already on demand. The donut feels soft from all sides. The crunch and crispness at every inch ensure that you get a whole new feeling and excitement at every bite. It’s lumpy and curved from beginning to end.

Sabroso Chicken Samosa

As we know, the love between Pakistanis and Samosas, So Sabroso Pakistan take this bond one step ahead by adding sabroso chicken samosa to their list. These samosas are enough to make your mouth water. The perfect triangle shape is filled with chicken and hints of different flavors which make it one of the best meals to have in your little cravings. Coming to kabab, the never-ending chemistry between Pakistani mom and kabab is just not something you can easily define. Sabroso chicken chapli kabab adds much fun to it, with a juicy blend of different spices and tender meat that just makes you say WOW at the first bite.

The sabroso chicken crispy poppers can be the best servings of the evening to satisfy your cravings or the best and easy to cook items whenever your friends and guest suddenly showed up. Or you can also surprise them with the elite taste of Sabroso chicken drumstick and other frozen food items.

Sabroso Chicken Breast

The branded sabroso chicken breast will never disappoint you and will give you the juiciest vibes at every single bite, they are like more than just being wings. If you are desi food lover, then sabroso has something tasty for them too. Presenting you with sabroso chicken kofta and the tangy taste of sabroso seekh kabab will make you eat more.

Sabroso Chicken Nuggets

And when we are talking about Sabroso chicken products, how can we forgot the sabroso nuggets. Chicken nuggets from sabroso are perfectly breaded and sizzling that mainly contains proteins and also other important nutrients that make it a healthy meal. Every corner of nuggets turns out to be juicy and trendiest in perfect light brown color with crispy edges.

You might be feeling hungry or might have a little craving, so don’t think and buy from us to get the best sabroso nuggets price in Pakistan. The highlight feature is sabroso price isn’t as higher as what you are expecting, being a premium quality chicken products manufacturer, sabroso stills offer you affordable prices

To avail of the free and fast sabroso home delivery, order from QnE and get avail discounts all over Pakistan.

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