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Pediasure Triplesure Vanilla MilkPowder  400 gm
Pediasure Triplesure Chocolate Milk Powder  400 gm
Pediasure Triplesure Strawberry Milk Powder  400 gm

Pediasure milk โ€“ A complete and balanced nutrition

Pediasure gives your child proper nutrition for living a safe and healthy life. Between the age of 1-12 years old, a child undergoes different development stages of rapid physical and cognitive development. Pediasure is a total aid for your child to grow, gain, and catch up on the growth and has all the vitamins and antioxidants to support the immune system.

The full range of Pedia sure products are specifically to aid the child with a healthy diet at the primary stages of development. Pediasure has been a clinically proven and scientifically approved nutrition supplement.

Pediasure milk powder

The Pediasure milk powder helps you live strong and healthy and do the things you love, and it's the best and vital diet to keep you nourished. Browse from the wide range of Ensure products to strengthen your nutrition.

  • Pediasure Triplesure Chocolate Milk Powder

Pediasure Triplesure Chocolate Milk Powder is a whole, complete, balanced nutrition that is clinically proven to ensure your child's development in the early stages of development. In addition, the Triple sure chocolate milk powder offers triple-protein complex protection that aims to support the development and growth from 2 -12.

Now, it comes with additional DHA nutrients to supports both central and brain nervous health.

It includes high-quality proteins and HMB that support the muscle growth and bonding of tissues. HMD is a nutritional component found in limited foods and is a vital metabolite of the essential amino acid leucine.

  • Pediasure Triplesure classic vanilla Milk Powder

It uses the advanced Pediasure formula along with the triple sure system that ensures that your child gets the proper bio-enhanced nutrition along with the vitamins and complemented with AA & DHA.

If you want your child to have a complete and balanced diet, then this Pediasure formula milk is what'll meet your requirements. In addition, the classic vanilla flavor will make your child stay loyal to the cup of milk.

  • Pediasure Triplesure strawberry milk powder

Itโ€™s an ideal drink for those children who are picky eaters. It comes with all essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients vital for any child in their growth and development stages. In addition, the scientifically approved formula with an additional symbiotic formula supports the children's immunity system.

So now, you don't have to worry about your child's nutrition, as Abbot Pediasure contains all 28 nutrients that include minerals and vitamins to help your child grow fast and healthy. Get the best affordable pediasure price at QnE with fast and free delivery all over Pakistan.

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