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Showing 1 - 24 of 96 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 96 products
Peptiban Suspension 10mg 60ml
Save Rs.12.00
Colofac Tablets 135mg
Sale priceRs.95.00 Regular priceRs.107.00
Colofac Tablets 135mgAbbott Laboratories Reviews
Gaviscon Liquid Syrup 120ml
Citro Soda 5Gm Sachet
Save Rs.5.00
Imodium Capsules 2mg
Sale priceRs.39.00 Regular priceRs.44.00
Imodium Capsules 2mgAspin Pharma Reviews
Motilium 10mg Tablet
Skilax Tablets 5mg
Gaviscon Advance Liquid Syrup 120ml
Smecta Sachet
Ruling Capsules 20mg 7s
Esso 40Mg Capsule
Save Rs.13.00
Esso 20Mg Capsule
Sale priceRs.104.00 Regular priceRs.117.00
Esso 20Mg CapsuleShaigan Pharmaceuticals Reviews
Save Rs.23.00
Duphalac Syrup 120ml
Sale priceRs.187.00 Regular priceRs.210.00
Duphalac Syrup 120mlAbbott Laboratories Reviews
Optifam Tablets 40mg
Movcol 13.125gm Sachet
Domel Oral Suspension 60ml
Spasler-P Syrup 60ml
Laxoberon Syrup 120ml
Risek Capsules 40mg 7s
Risek Capsules 20mg 7s
Nexum 20mg Capsules 7s
Save Rs.22.00
Mebever MR 200mg Capsules
Sale priceRs.176.00 Regular priceRs.198.00
Mebever MR 200mg CapsulesGetz Pharma Reviews
Lilac 3.35Gm/5Ml Syrup

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