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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products
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Bisconni Cocomo Chocolate  Ticky PackBisconni Cocomo Chocolate  Ticky Pack
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Bisconni Cocomo Chocolate Ticky PackBisconni Reviews
Bisconni Novita Chocolate Wafers 32 gm
Bisconni Cocomo Milk Ticky Pack 24 Packs
Bisconni Novita Orange Wafers 39gm
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Bisconni Novita Chocolate Wafers 39gm
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Bisconni Novita Chocolate Wafers 39gmBisconni Reviews
Bisconni Chocolatto Biscuit Half Roll


Bisconni has been working in the industry for more than 15 years, the company has passionately introduced a wide number of snacks in the market that are of the best quality. Bisconni provides all types of snacks for sweet to savory that is enjoyable & appreciated by everyone. The Bisconni snacks aim to deliver both taste and health along with the value for the product that allows and entertains people of every age level to enjoy the bisconni products to the fullest.

With the Great taste and unique flavors, of biscuits, bisconni has made a huge fan base that loves the flavor full snacks from the Bisconni.

Snacks and Biscuits

  • Bisconni Cocomo

A snack that has been a favorite for every kid. It packs a punch of milk, chocolate, and Orange in a biscuit shaped as a nutshell. This unique combination of chocolate and biscuit will always leave you asking for more.

  • Chocolatto

Another treat that holds the real surprise for the chocolate aficionados, the creamy, rich, and milky blend of chocolate filling in a fresh crispy cookie is a treat to oneself. It stays true to the slogan “it’s very very special inside.”

  • Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip needs no introduction, a leading biscuit in the segment that is crunchy, crispy, and loaded with a bunch of chocolate chips that enhance the flavor and melts in the mouth. The divine flavor, smooth chocolate taste completes the dream of a chocolate lover.

  • Rite

Another leading biscuit Rite comes with vanilla Cream sandwiched between the two dark biscuits. Along with the extra cream in every single bite, you are getting an equal taste of dark biscuits that perfectly balance and leaves an awesome aftertaste in the mouth.

  • Craving

The Bisconni cravings feel like a snack coming straight from heaven. The strong aroma of this snack fills your senses. The Rich peanut is a perfect solution to your mid-day cravings.

  • Novita

Another leading and favorite snack in the world of a wafer, Novita wafer has been ruling the hearts of children, young’s, and adults. The four-layered wafers with the 3 layered delicious smooth cream filling. The fresh and fruity banana, fruit, orange and Lemon, Double berry, and double chocolate flavors.

  • Flo

An amazing turn in the traditional chocolate by offering Busoni’s Flo. The bisconni Flo comes in two amazing and mouthwatering flavors vanilla and chocolate packed with the sweetness of a unique blend of chocolate or vanilla flavor

  • Chai Wala biscuit

You know the chemistry between the Pakistani’s and Chai, the 3rd thing that completes the bond is the Chai Wala biscuit. The dunk of biscuit in tea feels like a mouthwatering feeling. This Chai Wala biscuit is the all-time tea partner for those who loved tea.  

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