Qarshi Jam-E-Shireen Sugar free 800 ml

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Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin Sugar-free

For those who are concerned about their weight and are looking for sugar-free or low-calorie drinks, Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin is the best drink for them. When we talk about quality and taste and low-calorie, no other drink comes close to that jam-e-Shirin Sugar-free. The drink distillates of natural herbs without any water added or any artificial or preservatives.


Its a healthy light and quality refreshing drink that before reaches to you, goes through 276 quality test and checks. Its a great drink that provides a thirst-quenching and fully satisfying experience. And when lemon is added to the drink, no one can beat the jam-e-Shirin. 


When you use it as a topping, jam-e-Shirin never fails to enhance the flavor of fruits, ice cream, cakes, yogurt, and any other dessert. It makes your deserts even more delicious and tempting. 

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