Comfort Fabric Conditioner Morning Fresh 400 ml

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Comfort Fabric Conditioner Morning Fresh 

The Comfort fabric conditioner morning fresh coats every layer of your clothes with a protective layer and also prevents the clothes from damaged that often cause by the repeated washing. Moreover, what will make your clothes shine more is the new-like shine comfort provides, it nourishes the clothes and also untangle the clothes’ fiber. The soft cleaning makes sure that your clothes are soft, smooth, and perfect to wear clothes.

How to use

For hand wash cleaning

·         After cleaning your clothes with detergent, in the cycle of clothes, pour 2 cups of half cups of comfort in a bucket that clothes with water.

·         Now, leaves the clothes for soaking in the same bucket that contains comfort.

·          After 5 minutes removes the clothes leave them for drying. Don’t rinse them again.

For machine wash

·         For semi-automatic wash: Just add 1 cap of comfort in the last rinse or cycle.

·         For a Fully automatic machine: Add 1 cap full of Comfort fabric softener or conditioner or any additive compartment. 

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