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Cac-1000 Plus Tablets are used to prevent the low levels of Vitamin C in the human body. Deficiency of Vitamin C can result in a condition name scurvy. You might get to feel the symptoms of joint pain, muscle weakness, tiredness, rash, or tooth loss in this condition.

Moreover, this medicine is also used to maintain the calcium level in your body. Weak bones indicate that you have a deficiency in calcium and vitamin D in your body. And long-term lack of vitamin D and calcium can cause osteoporosis that results in porous and fragile bones. Daily usage of calcium and vitamin D can help in improving bone health.


For adults

1 tablet regularly

For children between 3-7

1 tablet regularly

For children below three years

Not recommended

Side effects

      •   Nausea
      •   Vomiting
      •    Diarrhoea
      •     Heartburn
      •    Abdominal cramps/ pain.

If any of these side effects gets worsen, seek your doctor or pharmacists attention.


Here are the benefits of vitamin C supplements;

     •    Reduces the risk of chronic disease.
     •     Help in managing the high blood pressure
     •     Reduce the blood uric acid levels and also prevents having gout attacks
     •     Lowers the risk of heart disease
     •     Prevent iron deficiency in the body.
     •     Boost immunity system
     •     Sharpens your memory 

When not to use

Not advised to use when there is an increase in the calcium ions in our body. Also not advised to the patient who is diagnosed with kidney stones.


     •    Calcium carbonate
     •    Vitamin C
     •    Vitamin B8
     •    Vitamin D3
     •    Calcium lactate Gluconate


Please protect it from heat, sunlight, and moisture.

It is not recommended to those who are hypersensitive to the drug or any other active ingredients like peanut/ soy.

Also, not recommended to those who are diagnosed with kidney disease.  


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