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Shield Bottle Cleaning Brush (T) Twin Orange
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Shield Bottle Cleaning Brush (T) Twin OrangeShield
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Shield Disinfectant Surface Spray
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Shield Disinfectant Surface SprayShield

Shield covers it all from Tooth care to diapers

When we are talking about baby products, the best option we can rely on is a shield Pakistan, they have been a source of the mother’s trust and cover a large distribution network all over Pakistan.

QnE is where to get Shield baby care products online at the best prices

Browse a wide range of newborn essentials products at QnE as we are the first recognized and authentic source for Shield products.

Just like a mother who never stops caring about their children, their first steps, and when the child starts to grow, a mother has to make some quite serious decisions regarding the health & care of the baby.

Shield baby diapers and wipes

The shield baby wipes and diapers are the attempted and trusted choice of every mother. The quality and reliability it offers are dependable and attested. The shield diapers are comfortable and 99% absorbent that protecting the child against chafing, rashes, and irritation. The Soft diapers allow your child to protect the delicate skin of your baby and the stretchy sides of diapers allow you to adjust the diaper comfortably.

While manufacturing the food, shield feeder, nipples, and other toddler care products, the company strictly makes sure that the products are hygienic and free from all hypersensitive germs and bacteria. So, that you and your loved ones grow healthy in a safe and better environment.

Shield Feeder Bottles

If you are looking for reliable and best feeder bottles in Pakistan, then you can shop from a broad range of shield feeding bottles for babies. The feeders are made up of PP materials, allow an even flow of milk through them, and come with an attractive and colorful design to grab your child’s attention while having a meal. Moreover, another good thing about the shield feeders is that you can easily boil them without worrying about any damage or change to the shape of the bottle.

Get the best shield feeder price in Pakistan at QnE online.

Shield Toothbrushes

The shield toothbrushes prevent the baby from having tooth decay and cavities. The cavity in the tooth might cause by tasting, eating unhygienic food and untreated tooth decay and cavities might result in serious impacts and problems while speaking, eating, learning, and playing.

Hygiene Products 

That’s why the company makes sure that every baby product is hygienic and germ-free so that your child gets everything pure. Products such as toothbrushes, Shield toothpaste, shield sanitizers, bottle cleaning brush, tethers, wipes, feeders, and shield nipples are made of high-quality material.

Shield nipple & Soothers

The shield baby nipples & soothers help both parents and infants in the period of crying or when the toddler is neither too hungry to eat nor too full. These baby pacifiers are very helpful to provide the comfort sucking provides to the baby.

Find a lot more baby essentials at easily affordable prices with the promise to deliver excellence and comfort at QnE. So, surprise yourself with our fast and free delivery all over Pakistan.



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