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Express Power Washing Powder 500gm
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Express Power Washing Powder 500gmExpress
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Express Power Washing Powder 1KG
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Express Power Washing Powder 1KGExpress
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Express Power 2kg -Detergent Washing Powder
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Express Power 2kg -Detergent Washing PowderExpress

Express power washing powder

Express power is one of the leading brand names that is fast and efficient to provide you with clean clothes a bright wash and a refreshing scent after wash. And the good thing is you are getting your clothes perfectly clean at just an economical price. Every pack of express power surf includes infused fabric conditioners that take good care of your clothes and fabrics and provides them a wash that is much more than a detergent alone.

Express power detergent powder

Another best washing powder, you can opt for is express power washing powder. Express power detergent offers you a superior wash at an affordable cost, so you donโ€™t need to pay more. It eliminates the stains without being a burden on the wallet. In short, it offers a superior wash along with superior savings

Express aims to provide a premium quality product at affordable and economical prices and thatโ€™s the main reason behind its success in just 3 years. People that belong to the Middle-class level who use soaps for cleaning their clothes have now switched to express cleaning powder, moreover, a wide number of people who consumer some unbranded and local detergents or surf powder now chooses express powder to wash their clothes as express washing powder are efficient and light on the pocket.

The express detergent powder guarantees a premium quality product that comes highlighting feature of unique stain removal technique and active surfactants that eliminates the toughest stains in just a simple wash followed by a refreshing scent that keeps the clothes refreshing.

The Express ultra-powder will surprise you every time with its superior single wash. It comes packed with a blast of invigorating refreshing citrus scent and turbo stain remover. With its unique satin fighting technique and active particles, express ultra-cut-off dirt stains without being a burden on your pocket.

An effective way to use express surf powder

  • First, separate the clothes into piles of different tones of color
  • Separate the light color clothes
  • Create another pile for dark tones clothes
  • Fragile clothes.
  • Then turn the dial according to the washing type
  • Then choose one pile of clothes and load the machine with it.
  • Then add washing powder
  • Then close the lid. And wait until the timers run out.
  • In the end, add a cupful of Softline or comfort to leave a refreshing scent to your clothes
  • If you want another round, set the timer again or dry your clothes.

So now that, you know how you can efficiently remove the stains and dirt. You are all perfect to go, all you need to do is to grab your cleaning partner. And for that, we are offering you express power washing powder at the best prices along with fast and free delivery at your doorstep, no matter where you live, we are open to deliver all over Pakistan.

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