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Shop from QnE Bazaar & Get FREE SHIPPING on Rs 1000 Shopping.

Pre-Ramzan Sale Offers 2019

What is Ramzan?

The month of Blessing, Ramzan is not far away from us. In the Islamic world, Ramzan is considered as most favorite and superior month among all other months of Islamic Calendar. The Ninth month of Islamic year brings countless blessing with itself. A sacred month of worship, piety, patience and purity in which Muslims fast from dawn to dusk to please Almighty Allah.

What is Pre-Ramzan Sale at QnE?

As per teachings of Islam, we believe in spending most of our time in the month of Ramzan in worshiping Allah and doing good deeds with companions & people around us. During this month, our timings for offices, shops, schools and other activities change slightly. Like most of people wake-up early in mid night to do Sehri or Suhur before Fajar azzan. Leave for Work or School early, similarly return early to home to offer Iftar along with family before Maghreb. After Iftar, in Isha, People stand for Namaz of Taravi and then sleep to awake early for next day Sehri. So with this routine, it becomes really hard to manage time for other activities like Grocery shopping, which is most important and essential part of Ramzan because of Sehri and Iftar preparations. To provide a quick and easy solution for customers, QnE launched its pre-Ramzan sale.

Order Ramzan Grocery Online:

Now you can order Grocery like, Fruits, Vegetables, Milk, Juices and other food items online at Not only this, as we believe this month is all blessing. We offer all Ramzan Special range of products and bundles with amazing discounts to share the blessing with you. So, this year you don’t need to spend time outside in warm weather in markets neither you need to stand in long ques of city’s crowded grocery store while fasting. Check our amazing sehri deals and iftar offers

All Ramadan Shopping in Few Clicks:

Whether its Pakoray you love or whether you love sweetened Lal Sharbat. We have it all, Baisan, Cooking oil, Refreshing soft drinks, Jam-e-Sheri, Sugar and all other products you want to have on your dastarkhawan at most affordable rates. No worries, if you last always awake last moment before Sehri, we have frozen & ready to cook meals for you. Order Frozen Parhata or Paki Pakai Roti, Shami Kabab, Pheni & Khajla for you. Not just food all those items you need for home & living needs, at QnE we have it all including unstitched Men’s Shalwar Kameez, Ladies fashion wear, beauty products, laundry, insecticides, cleaning products and much more for sure adding more value in Pre-Ramzan sale.

How To Get Additional Discounts at QnE

Sshh it's still a secret, yes you can get additional 5% off on your purchase. And super thing is, it is applicable on all discounted price and bundles. So get discount plus 5% discount on all Ramzan deals. All you need is QnE Loyalty Card for this.

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