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Ramadan Relief Packages

Make the most of Ramadan with our Ramadan Relief packages. QnE brings ease by providing bundles and you can also make your customized Ramadan bundles at discounted prices.

What are the blessings of Ramadan

Ramadan- A holy month that is no less than a blessing to attain the Taqwa and consciousness of Allah. The month of Ramadan brings many blessings and favors to Muslims all around the globe. Ramadan month includes the beneficial acts of additional prayers, helping the poor, countess rewards, forgiveness, togetherness, and reciting the Holy Quran, in short, performing all the good deeds that refrain us from sins. QnE introduces the Ramadan package to show your care and appreciate the effort of people who are hardworking and trying to earn halal.

Ramazan Rashan Packages

Since the month of Ramadan is for reconnecting with religion, friends, and family, You can gift Ramadan hampers to someone you love as just a simple and caring gesture to say “Mubarak” or “Thank you” or appreciate them by gifting them our Ramadan Rashan packages. You can also give them a product package as a present to your loved ones.

Ramadan zakat packages

Ramadan this year might be a little different and unusual because of the global pandemic of COVID. COVID has also affected many businesses and left people in an upside-down condition. In the past year, Ramadan has been social for us but unfortunately Ramadan this year might not be the same. If Allah has blessed us with the ability to give or donate, then we must do it and that’s why QnE offers zakat bundles and zakat packages. In this Ramadan help those who are in depriving need of vital necessities like food and other basic needs.

Our Ramazan relief packages are affordable for everyone

From everyday products like grains, ghee and oil, sugar, spices, tea, vegetables, and other groceries, QnE delivers it all. So, you can easily find the right Ramadan ration package that meets your requirements and budget.

You can also deliver our Ramadan relief packages to your favorite NGO

Those who are willing to donate zakat can donate charity gifts to poor and needy people. In our 100 % donation policy means that every single rupee that you donate will be directly delivered to serve the poor people or they will be used in humanitarian projects. Or we also deliver customized packages directly to any NGO of your choice working anywhere in Pakistan. Once you have selected the products and paid for your zakat bundle, all you need to do is just add the delivery address to any NGO and the rest is on QnE.
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