Travocort Cream 10g

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  • ‣ Travocort cream is used for the prevention and initial treatment of those superficial fungal infections of the skin which are associated with highly inflammatory and eczematous skin infections in the region of the hands, the spaces between the feet, and the inguinal and genitals regions
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  •  This cream is widely used as an effective topical agent for dermatophyte, yeast, and other fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, ringworm, intertrigo, pityriasis, fungal nappy rash, Versicolor.

How to use

  • • Travocort cream should be used 2x daily to the diseased or the infected area on the skin. the treatment with travocort is associated with highly inflammable or eczematous skin conditions for instance, in the region of hands, the interdigital spaces of your feet, and the genital and inguinal regions.

  • • This cream is for external use only, don’t apply this cream in your mouth, or on any internal wound. When using the infected area should be clean, dry, and intact skin. After applying, massage this cream gently over the affected areas to ensure the absorption of the cream.

  • • Remember to wash your hands before and after using this medicine. Replace the cap tightly after every use.

Side effects 

You might experience skin rash when using this cream.

When not to use

This cream is contraindicated to patients who are hypersensitive to drugs.


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  • • To avoid the renewal of infection, when you are treating your wound with this cream, your linen such as facecloth, towels, underwear, any cotton cloth, should be daily boiled and changed every day.

  • • Do not apply for this medicine more than the recommended or prescribed amount of usage. You mistaken this as it will not clear and heal infection faster, instead it’ll increase the side effects of the cream.

  • • Don’t apply this cream over scars and skin wounds.

  • • Seek medical attention before using travocort cream if you are pregnant.

  • • Make sure you read the leaflet information and the instruction before using to provide your pharmacists, each time you are getting a refill, if you any questions or concerns, discuss it with your doctor or pharmacists.