Shield Hand Sanitizer 60ml

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Shield by virtue of its vast range is the leader in Oral and Baby Care segment.

Looking for a reliable Hand sanitizer that will kill germs on the go,well shield provides you with just that.This sanitizer is simple to use,convenient and easy to  find.

How It Works:

             •  Waterless hand sanitizer provides several advantages over hand washing with soap and water. However, they are not                    effective if organic matter (dirt, food, or other material) is visible on hands.
             •  Benefits of waterless hand sanitizer:
             •  Require less time than hand washing.
             •  Act quickly to kill microorganisms on hands.
             •  Are more accessible than sinks.
             •  Reduce bacterial counts on hands.
             •  Do not promote antimicrobial resistance.
             •  Are less irritating to skin than soap and water.
             •  Some can even improve condition of skin.


  1. Make sure all organic matter is removed from hands.All visible organic matter must be removed from hands prior to applying waterless hand sanitizer.
  2. Apply a dime sized amount of waterless hand sanitizer to the palm of one hand or use a waterless hand sanitizer wipe.
  3. Rub hands together covering all surfaces of hands and fingers.
  4. Rub until waterless hand sanitizer is absorbed.

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