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Sangobion Syrup is used to cover up the replenish stores and also helps in increasing up the level of red blood cells in the body. The capsules come easy to swallow, a vanilla-scented flavored syrup that doesn’t leave any metallic taste. The B-complex is used to prevent and treat vitamin deficiency in the body due to poor diet, certain illnesses, and pregnancy. The syrup consists of these elements:

•         Vitamin C improves iron absorption.

•         Copper sulfate and manganese sulfate in the metabolism process in the production of a blood cell.

•         Folic acid and Vitamin B12 are produced red blood cells that are important in pregnancy.

•         Ferrous gluconate; a type of iron salt that allows the better absorption of the body. 


The usual recommended dosage of this medicine is one or two capsules or 1 teaspoon of syrup daily or based on your doctor’s recommendation.

To kids

Give children 1 teaspoon of syrup daily to prevent the deficiencies of B vitamins and iron.

To treat the deficiency of iron, 3-6 spoonful of syrup daily are advised. The dosage is dependent upon the child’s age and the doctor’s recommendation.

For children ≥one year: 1.2 mL.

For 6-12 months: 1 mL.

For <6 months: As your doctor recommends. 

Side effects

Here are some side effects of Sangobion syrup that you might experience when on medication:

•         Constipation

•         Diarrhoea

•         Upset stomach

These effects might appear and disappear while on medication, or it might be a sign that your body is adjusting to the medication. If any of these side effects worsen or persist, then contact your doctor immediately. 

When not to use 

It is contraindicated to hypersensitive patients to the drugs or intolerant to the active ingredients.


Iron, B-Complex 


•         Before you take this syrup, consult your doctor if you are allergic to any of its ingredients if you have any other allergies. The sangobion syrup may contain some inactive ingredients, which might cause an allergic reaction or other problems in the human body.

•         Make sure that you take this syrup regularly.

•         Those who are under pregnancy are advised to consult their doctor before intaking this medicine.

•         Liquid iron may blacken the teeth.

•         Iron may cause your stools to turn black which is not harmful.

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