Panadol Syrup 120ml

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The Panadol liquid syrup is used to provide effective fever relief and the pain from fever in children from 2 to 12 years old.

    •     Earache

    •     Teething

    •     Headache

    •     Flu and cold symptoms

    •     Earache

    •     Immunization

    •     Vaccination

    •     Common childhood infections

    •     Sore throat

This medicine includes a dropper for oral usage marked in ML to get the right amount of dosage.


The dosage of Panadol infants Drops depends upon the weight of the child:

12 - 14kg in 2- 3 age: 6 ml/ 1 teaspoon

14 – 16kg in 3- 4 age: 7 ml/ 1 teaspoon

16 - 18kg in 4 - 5 age: 8 ml/ 1.5 teaspoon

18- 20Kg in 5-6 age: 9ml/ 1.5 teaspoon

20- 23Kg in 6- 7 age: 10ml/ 1.5 teaspoon

23 – 25kg in 7- 8 age: 11ml/ 2 teaspoon

25 – 28kg in 8- 9 age: 12ml/ 2 teaspoon

28 – 32kg in 9- 10 age: 14ml/ 2.5 teaspoon

32 – 36kg in 10- 11 age: 16ml/ 3 teaspoon

36 – 41kg in 11- 12 age: 18ml/ 3 teaspoon

Side effects

Here are some side effects that you might experience when using this medication. If any of these side effects gets worsen or persists, consult your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

    •     Bloody or cloudy urine

    •     Bloody or black tarry stools

    •     Fever with or without chills

    •     Might feel pain in back

    •     Pinpoint red spots on the skin

    •     Skin rashes, hives.

    •     Sore throat

    •     Unusual tiredness or weakness

    •     Yellow skin or eyes

    •     Unusual bleeding

    •     Decrease in the amount of urine




   •       Don’t use medicine on your child more than the recommended advised

   •      Make sure when using this medicine, you are not any other medicine that contains paracetamol.

   •     Don’t use this medicine if the seal is damaged or broken

   •      Keep it out of the children’s reach

   •      Don’t give your child more frequently than 4 hours.

   •      Seek medical attention if fever persists after you take one dose.

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