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Nims (Numesulide) is a medicine that is relatively COX-2 selective, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) with the properties of analgesic and antipyretic. This medicine used in the prevention and treatment of acute pain. It is also used in the symptomatic treatment of primary dysmenorrhea and osteoarthritis in adolescents and those above 12 years old. This medicine is indicated in painful inflammatory conditions, back pain, fever etc.


Take this medicine as it is prescribed, in the prescribed timing to get the most benefit from it. Ensure that you don’t take this as the actual amount recommended as it might be dangerous. The best medication is taking the lowest dose at the shortest possible timing. 

For adults

The usual dosage is 100 mg tablet 2x a day

For children

The usual dose in children is 5mg/kg of body weight 2 or 3 times a day based on your doctor’s prescription.

Take this medicine by mouth with food.

Side effects

Here are some side effects

•         Acidic or sour sensation in the stomach

•         Stomach cramps and discomforts

•         Dizziness

•         Skin rash

•         Elevated liver enzymes

•         Blood clotting disorders

•         Nausea

•         Vomiting


When not to use

This medicine is contraindicated in GI Ulceration, GI bleeding.




•         Use this medicine with caution on a hepatic compromised patient

•         If you have any medical history related to the abnormalities of the liver, then you should inform your doctor before using this medicine as it contains severe side effects on the liver

•         This medicine passes into breast milk, so make sure that you consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

•         Those who are under pregnancy are advised to consult their doctor before intaking this medicine, as this medicine contains some ingredients that may pose a risk in pregnancy.

•         This medicine can cause bleeding of the gut, so this medicine should be used judiciously. Consult your doctor immediately if any condition occurs, leading to the bleeding of the stomach and intestine. 

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