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Mecobalamin is used as a supplement of Vitamin B12.  Vitamin B12 is an important component of our brain and nerves, and it also plays an important in producing red blood cells. Methycobal tablets are also used for vitamin B12 deficiency. People diagnosed with Megaloblastic anemia, peripheral neuropathy, and other similar conditions can also use this medicine for their treatment.


The Methycobal tablet is taken within the dosage and duration recommended by the doctor. Make sure that you shouldnt exceed the dosage without a doctors recommendation.

The general dosage advised by the doctor is 3 tablets, i.e., equivalent to a total of 1,500 micrograms of mecobalamin.

This dosage can be changed according to the patients age or condition and the response to the treatment.


If Methycobal tablet is Injected: then make sure that it shouldnt be taken aimlessly for more than one month if its ineffective.

Side effects

Here are some side effects that you might experience while using this medication:

   •      Diarrhea

   •      Nausea

   •      Vomiting

   •      Loss of appetite

   •      Headache

   •      Weakness

   •      Sweating

   •     Tightness in throat

   •      Pruritis

   •      Urticaria

If any of these effects worsen or start to bother you, then immediately consult your doctor.

Most of the side effects dont require any medical attention, and they appear and then disappears while taking this medication.

When not to use

 Patients who are hypersensitive to drugs should discuss with their doctor before using this medicine.

Patients with Lebers disease should avoid this medication.




     •    Those who have disease-related to gall bladder, ulcer, peptic ulcer, elevated, uric acid, glaucoma, and liver disease.

     •    Patients who recently have recent gastrointestinal surgery might experience reduced absorption in this medicine. This might be avoided by taking the appropriate dosage under the supervision of your doctor.

     •    If you are pregnant, please discuss with your doctor before intaking this medicine.

     •    This medicine passes into breast milk, so make sure you consult your doctor before breastfeeding and not exceed the doctors daily recommended amount.

     •    Co-administration of antacids and the medicine may reduce the effects and absorption of this medicine.

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