Maxolon Syrup 5mg 50ml

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Maxolon syrup is used in the prevention and treatment of specific conditions of the stomach and the intestines. The medicine contains the formula “metoclopramide,” which is short-term for about 4-12 weeks. This syrup is used to treat heartburn when the usual medicines don’t affect and work well enough.

It is mainly used for heartburn that occurs after you take a meal or during the daytime. Treating persistent heartburn can decrease the damage done by stomach acid present in the swallowing tube and helps to heal.


Follow the doctor’s instructions or read the leaflet that comes with the medicine.

Take this medicine orally as your doctor will direct it. The recommended dosage is up to 4 times daily, i.e., 30 minutes before meals and bedtime.

If you are using the medicine in liquid form, measure the medicine carefully using a special measuring device or spoon. Don’t use the household spoon because you might not get the correct amount. 

The dosage amount is based on your age, treatment response, and medical conditions. Make sure to tell your doctor about all the prescribed, non-prescribed drugs and herbal products you are using.

Side Effects

You might feel these side effects when taking this medicine.

• Restlessness

• Headache

• Fatigue

• Sedation

• Diarrhea

• Tiredness

• Drowsiness

• Trouble in sleeping

• Diarrhea

• Nausea

• Agitation

If any of these side effects gets worsen or persist, then tell your doctor right away.

When not to use

If you have any history of epilepsy, tardive dyskinesia, or hypersensitive to the drugs, ask your doctor before using this syrup.


• Metoclopramide HCL


• Before taking this Maxolon, consult with your doctor if you are allergic to ingredients or any other allergies. This medicine might contain inactive ingredients to cause any allergic reaction or any other problems in your human body system.  

• Children may be more sensitive to this medicine and might have more side effects, especially muscle spasms or uncontrollable muscle movement.

• This medicine will be more sensitive and cause severe side effects to older adults, especially drowsiness, Parkinson-like side effects, tardive dyskinesia, and increased risk of drowsiness can increase the risk of falling.

• If you are pregnant, then ask your doctor first before using this medicine.

• This medicine passes into breast milk, and it might have an undesirable effect on a nursing infant, so ask your doctor before using this medicine.