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Lalap tablet is used to prevent ad control seizures. It’s an antiepileptic drug that works by reducing the spread of seizure activity in the brain. Lacosamide is also used to treat partial-onset seizures. When you are taking this medicine, make sure you monitor the heart rate and rhythm.


Take this medicine by mouth, as directed by your doctor. The general recommendation is to twice a day with or without a meal.

It is advised to take this medicine on whole or follow your doctor’s direction on taking this medicine.

The dosage and treatment length are based on the patient’s medical condition and treatment response.

Side Effects

Here are some of the side effects of these Lalap tablets

  • • Dizziness
  • • Drowsiness
  • • Blurred vision
  • • Nausea
  • • Vomiting
  • • Loss of balance
  • • Tiredness
  • • Difficulty in walking
  • • Shakiness
  • • Memory problems may occur

When Not to Use

It is not advised to those patients hypersensitive to its components


• Lacosamide


  • • This medicine might contain inactive ingredients, so if you have any allergies talk to your doctor first.
  • • Before using this medicine, tell your dentist if you have any conditions.
  • • Don’t use machinery or do things that require attention while you are on this medication.
  • • Please consult a doctor, and if you are pregnant and taking this medication.

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