Klaricid Paediatric Suspension 125mg 60ml

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The klaricid paediatric suspension is used for the prevention and treatment of infections that are caused due to susceptible organisms. It’s used to treat a broad range of viral, bacterial infections; it’s also used in combination with anti-ulcer medications to treat specific kinds of stomach ulcers.

Clarithromycin is also known as a macrolide antibiotic. This medicine stops the growth of medicine. This medicine works efficiently on bacterial infections like pneumonia (lung infection) and bronchitis (lungs.)


For adults

Every 12 hours: 250mg for 10 days

For children

For less than 6 years:

1-2 years old: 2.5ml

3-6 years old: 5.00 ml

7-9 years old: 7.50 ml

10-12 years old: 10.00 ml

Side Effects 

Here are some side effects that you might experience while taking this medicine

   •      Vomiting
   •      Headache
   •      diarrhea
   •      changes of taste
   •      nausea 

If any of these effects worsen or persist, you are advised to consult your doctor or pharmacist immediately.



When not to use

It is not advised to those hypersensitive to erythromycin, clarithromycin, or any other macrolide antibacterial drugs.


   •      If you are allergic to clarithromycin or any other macrolide antibiotics like erythromycin, azithromycin, you must consult your doctor before your intake this medicine. This medicine contains some inactive ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. 

   •      If you are pregnant, discuss with your doctor before intaking this medicine. 

   •      This medicine is used to treat and prevent bacterial infections. So, don’t stop taking this medicine without your doctor’s concern, and let your doctor know if you develop the signs of any infections, such as night sweats or fever.

   •      Consult your doctor if you have any medical history related to liver problems, heart disease, kidney disease, or any certain type of muscle disease

   •      This medicine passes into the breast milk, so consult your doctor before intaking this medicine.

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