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Hydrozole is a cream that contains hydrocortisone, and it belongs to the group of medicine that is name is corticosteroids and clotrimazole (this falls into the category of antifungals.)

This cream is a combination of medicine that is used to treat various types of skin infections. The medicine minimizes the symptoms that include swelling, itching, and redness. The medicine also prevents the growth of microorganisms that cause infections to ensure the healing of infections. The cream is also used to treat many other skin problems like Nappy Rash, Fungal-infected dermatitis, Candidal infections (kind of yeast microorganism) where you don’t feel any inflammation skin, and tinea infections like jock itch and athlete’s foot.

How to use

The medicine is advised to use on children under 2 years old (e.g., nappy rash) if a doctor has instructed you to. Hydrozole cream is only used for external use. Wash your hands before you apply for this medicine

How to Apply

Apply a thin layer of cream on the affected areas of the skin wi9th clean and dry hands.

If this medicine gets into your eyes, nose, or mouth, rinse it with water. The medicine may take several days to a week to heal the infected area or to improve the symptoms, but make sure that you use this medicine daily. The course of the treatment should be completed to make sure that better efficacy of this medicine.

The general treatment takes Up to 7 days.

The conditions course doesn’t improve or get worse, or you should take your doctor. 

Side effects

You may be alarmed by any of these side effects

•          Burning or stinging feeling on the skin

•         Drying, crying, blistering, thinning, tightening, peeling, redness on the skin.

•          Acne-type lumps of the skin

•         Bruising of the skin

•         Rash or blisters

•         Skin condition getting worse

•         Changes the color of your skin

•         Other obvious unexpected changes to the skin that is treated with this medicine.

When not to use

Remember not to use this medicine:

•         In the eyes

•         Under air-tight or waterproof dressings or over the large areas of skin unless your doctor has told you so.

•         To treat other complaints unless your doctor or pharmacists has told you to

•         For more than 7 days unless a doctor has told you to.

•         In large amount for longer time

Don’t wear tight clothes if you have applied the cream under that area.

Consult the doctor; if someone has the same issues as yours, don’t suggest the Hydrozole medicine to anyone, instead ask them to consult a doctor.


Hydrocortisone; Clotrimazole 


Do not use this medicine if you have any allergy-related to

•         Any medicine containing Hydrocortisone or Clotrimazole

•         All similar medicines

•         Don’t use this medicine if you have skin allergies

•         Don’t use this medicine if you have a bacterial skin infection

•         Problem with the circulation.

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