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Dermovate is a cream that we apply to the skin. It is used to treat skin conditions that don’t respond well to any other corticosteroids, including severe psoriasis eczematous dermatitis. Shampoo and scalp lotion is used to treat and prevent seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis on the scalp. The cream functions by reducing redness, itching, and swelling. This medication also helps to prevent and treat rashes, allergies eczema.

This cream might be available with different brand names or in multiple forms.  This medication cream carries corticosteroids in excess amount.

How to Use Dermovate Cream

Please apply this medicine to the skin only. First, clean and thoroughly dry the infected area and then use a thin layer of this cream over the infected area. Repeat the process once or twice a day as directed on product packaging or as directed by the doctor.

If you have any queries, consult your pharmacist or doctor. Ensure you wash your hands first before applying the cream, and don’t wrap cover or apply a bandage to the infected area. If used on children wearing diapers, do not use a tight-fitting diaper or plastic pants.

Don’t apply this medicine eyes, nose, mouth, or inside the vagina; if you did so, make sure that you wash those areas with plenty of water. Getting this cream in the eye can cause or worsen the condition of glaucoma. Also, avoid taking this medicine from the nose or mouth.

Side effects

Here are some side effects that you might experience while taking this cream.

Burnings sensation, irritation, or redness of skin (usually temporary and mild)

  • • Headache
  • • Skin infection
  • • dryness
  • • Skin color changes
  • • Softening or tearing of the skin
  • • Skin getting thinner with easy bruising
  • • Tingling, prickling feeling of the skin.
  • • Increased redness or scaling of the skin sores 

If any of these effects get worsens or persists, then seek medical attention immediately.

When not to use

Don’t use this medicine if you are hypersensitive to corticosteroids, as this cream might allergic reaction to the skin.


Clobetasol Propionate


  • • Before using dermovate cream, consult your doctor if you are allergic to Clobetasol or any other allergies. This cream contains inactive ingredients that might cause allergic reactions to the skin.
  • • Use this medication under only the doctor’s recommendation. Please don’t use this medication for longer than two use or use more than 50 grams of it per week. 
  • • Those who are under pregnancy are advised to consult their doctor before intaking this medicine.
  • • Don’t use this medicine if there is already an infection or sore in the current area of the skin
  • • Use this medication n skin, don’t use it groin, face, or underarms unless your doctor directs you to do so.

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