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    Removal of a stain is never easy, is it? Well, don’t worry, QnE makes it easy for you, be it Washing Powder & Bars, Fabric Conditioners or even Starch, we have got it all. The products that has the amazing stain expulsion formula, remove multiple kinds of stain effectively and efficiently. No need of washing your clothes by your hands separately just for a single obstinate stain anymore. With your favorite and most trusted brands not only do you get your clothes washed clean but they also leave a freshness in them which keeps them looking like its newly bought no matter how many times your clothes get washed. So, what are you waiting for? We give you the best prices available ONLINE in Karachi and all over Pakistan and deliver to you at your doorstep. Place your order now and we’ll be at your service in just a couple of hours via express delivery.
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